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How to pay for things on BBO

You can pay for premium games such as ACBL Speedballs, Instant Tournaments, Daylongs, etc. on BBO with BB$ (BBO dollars). BB$ are like pre-paid entry fees. 

You can purchase BB$ with a credit card or paypal from$

You consume your BB$ as you pay for various games.

Mobile users ( phones, tablets ) can purchase BB$ via the link above or from the mobile app shop. Please note that the appstore prices are significantly higher than on the browser version.

Desktop users have access to a BB$ button when they login.

You can instruct BBO to keep your BB$ balance topped up when you purchase, by activating the “Auto-refill” feature. Then you never need to worry about “running out” of entries at an awkward moment.

If you get stuck, an email to will loosen things up.

And that’s all there is to it.