Did you know you can use BBO robots to fill in half tables at your club?

Here’s a cool feature BBO has been offering in the past couple of years, and not many people know about. Did you know you can use BBO robots to fill in sitouts at your club?

How does this work?
– Start a teaching table on BBO.
– Upload the deals players need to play at the teaching table.
– Place BBO robots in two seats, and reserve the other two seats for your human players.

When you have a half-table, you can add this virtual table to your game movement and allow the sitout pair to play along, with BBO’s robots. After each board, the players enter their results into the bridgemate or on the score sheet, just like they would at a live table.

Here are a few video tutorials showing you how to set this up.

And here’s an older write-up by Mike Giesler, who came up with this idea two years ago, to solve the problem of frequent half tables at his club.

Email diana@bridgebase.com or support@bridgebase.com to let us know what usernames you plan to use, and we will activate free advanced robots for you.