Auto-purchase: never run out of BB$ again

What are BBO dollars (BB$)?

BBO dollars are used to pay premium tournament entry fees and rent robots. While most of BBO’s games are free, we also offer premium games such as ACBL sanctioned tournaments (visit ACBL World), Instant Tournaments, Daylongs, robot duplicates and more!

There is a BB$ button at the top of the screen on our home page at and on BBO. You can also bookmark and use this link directly, if you wish — especially if you use your mobile device to play.

Your BB$ purchase settings and options

There are two options that can make your life a lot easier on BBO:

  1. Turn on 1-Click purchasing, by ticking the “Save CC” option in the purchase form. This will “remember” your payment info so that next time you need to refill your account you simply choose the amount to buy and click Purchase.
  2. It is possible to set your purchasing preference to automatically refill your BBO account when it drops below a certain amount of BB$. The Auto purchase option authorizes Bridge Base Online to purchase BB$ for you automatically when your balance is running low. This way, you will always have money in your BB$ account.

If you prefer to use your phone to play, you travel frequently, or simply like to play a lot, these settings will make your life a whole lot easier! And you can always go back to the purchase page to update your preferences if you change your mind.

Here’s the link to the BB$ purchase page for your convenience:$

As always, if you ever have any problems with your BB$ account, just send an email to