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A Selection of YouTube Videos

Videos about bridge encompasses a lot more than just footage of recorded games and instructionals: There are also many great ads, interviews and news segments hiding on YouTube. Here’s a selection of YouTube videos that caught my attention during the last search.

Frank Stewart Publishes 10,000th Bridge Column

(Source: Tuscaloosa News)

Frank Stewart is a famed, prolific and friendly bridge writer who has been writing books, lessons and columns for decades. Here’s a nice Tuscaloosa News insert celebrating the publication of 10, 000 columns to his name.

(Is now an appropriate time to cue Tuscaloosa Heart?)

“Aces and Knaves”

(Source: WREG News Channel 3

If you’re a fan of bridge documentaries, Aces & Knaves should be on your list. Here’s a news insert from WREG News Channel 3 interviewing its creator on how the project came to be.

The Bridge Battle

(Source; British Pathe

It’s 1930s New York and a video of Ely Culbertson and Sidney Lenz. What could be cooler than discovering this? Pretty short, but worth a watch as legendary historical footage of the game!

Bridge: The Game of Skill and Luck

(Source: Jake Holloway

A brief bridge documentary by filmmaker Jake Holloway that makes for a worthwhile introduction to the history and present livelihood of playing bridge.

Bill Gates Encourages Young People to Play Bridge

(Source: ACBL

Bill Gates is perhaps one of the most well-known bridge players even to people who don’t play themselves. Here’s a celebrity appearance of sorts (and a few words of encouragement) from Bill Gates at a Youth NABC game back in 2009. (Yes, almost a decade back!)

Playing their cards right: Singapore’s contract bridge team aim to build on Asian Games 

(Source: SG News)

It’s always great to see some international news about the game. Here’s a short video from SG News about the national Singaporean bridge team and their preparation for the Asian Games, which was just around the corner when this was filmed.

The Kids’ Table Official Trailer

(Source: BTP Media

The Kids’ Table is a documentary that introduces four young people to each other – and then introduces them all to bridge. Exciting and original, and you can see the official trailer from Beyond the Porch Media.

The Longest Day

(Source: WREG News Channel 3

The Longest Day is a collaborative effort that aims to raise awareness (and funding) for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia through playing bridge. Here’s an introduction to the initiative, again as a news insert on WREG News Channel 3.

Play Bridge and Fight Alzheimer’s on The Longest Day

(Source: Actionalz)

Another news insert for The Longest Day on the 21st of June, this time on the channel Actionalz. As always, I’m glad to see more publicity for a good cause.

Memphis: Five Reasons

(Source: ACBL)

One of the most original promotional videos for a bridge event, courtesy of the ACBL and for the NABCs in Memphis. (Among these reasons, the best BBQ in the South.)

Bridge: The Ultimate Mind Game

(Source: TEDx Talks

Bridge: The Ultimate Mind Game is a great TEDx talk by player Sunil Varghese, displaying some very infectious enthusiasm for the game.

World Bridge Championships in Chennai

(Source: CHENNAIViews)

I’ve seen increasing news reports of more bridge played and taught in Chennai, India. Here’s a recap from the World Bridge Championships in 2015 from local CHENNAIViews.