I’d Happily Welcome Greta Thunberg to Bridge!

Young activist Greta Thunberg has made world headlines for her efforts into climate change awareness. At the same time, she’s also quickly become known for the way she does it: Her speeches demand attention – and she puts more emotion into one sentence than most public speakers are able to manage during an entire talk.

It began with a school strike against climate change, and my wife and I have been watching her journey with anticipation, interest and support along with thousands of others.

She’s addressed masses, senators, presidents, royals about the issues surrounding climate change. All of it must be overwhelming at best and absolutely terrifying at worst. 

She’s connected with some of the most prominent people and activists in the world including Jane Goodall – and I have a feeling that the impact she’ll make on the world in her lifetime is only starting now. 

Having said all of this, can anyone imagine the amount of pressure she’s been under since all of this began? 

During her run so far, she’s received thanks, compliments, good wishes and more threats than anyone her age is meant to deal with. (The worst that I’ve seen so far was a news report of a hanging effigy that crosses all possible moral lines.) 

Additionally, the weather during her oceanic voyage was terrifying for most of it. (I would not have coped under the same circumstances: Seasickness, mostly.) 

She’s received serious viral attention, too. Most good, some weird. Her protest sign handwriting is now available as a font and her address to the UN has been turned into death metal.

The critique seems to be on the increase for the young activist, but she still doesn’t appear to be phased by any of it in spite of the need to face one challenge after another to get her voice heard. 

At the end of all this, I would imagine that Greta has a serious need to relax. Especially when you’re part of a greater cause and all the eyes are on you, the importance of being able to unwind and taking care of yourself should never be understated.

Why not play bridge? 

I can’t be the only person curious about how Greta would perform as a bridge player: And I can’t be the only person who imagines that she would be a damn good strategist at the table, too.

Bridge could use more fiery players like Greta: Young people with passion, ambition and a keen natural feel for strategy.  

I’d be happy to welcome Greta Thunberg to bridge – and to the world of BBO.