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8 Great YouTube Series’ for Learning Bridge

YouTube can be a great resource for reckless behavior (like Jackass, but usually with less production value and worse injury) as well as anything from live surgeries through to cat videos – but at the same time, it’s also one of the best places you can go to improve your bridge game. 

Here are some of the best video series’ on YouTube for learning and bettering your bridge game. 

1. Learn Modern Bridge (Link: Learn Modern Bridge)

Learn Modern Bridge is the perfect video series for anyone who needs a lecture-based format to learn. It’s presented by Dominic Rayner and runs through basics and more advanced card concepts while standing in front of a whiteboard. It might not be for everyone and it’s longer than your average video series with some up to 20 minutes, but I enjoy the way he presents it. His channel gets updated regularly, and lessons go through concepts for both beginners and more advanced players. 

2. Bridge Hand of the Week (Link: Peter Hollands

Peter Hollands is an Australian player and BBO regular, and his videos of online bridge play (together with very thorough analysis of the cards) are always worth watching. Bridge Hand of the Week looks at a different famous, notable or otherwise interesting bridge hand – and you can click through his related videos for literally hours after. 

Some examples from his Hand of the Week series includes “Leading Against Slams” and “Bridge at the Edge of Sanity”. Peter Holland

3. Learn Bridge NYC: Convention Cards (Link: Learn Bridge NYC)

Learn Bridge NYC appears to offer physical bridge instruction, too, but in addition to this they have some great free YouTube videos that cover a huge chunk of the concepts you’ll need to know. One of the most useful parts of their channel is the Convention Cards video series.

4. Joan Butts Bridge (Link

Joan Butts is a famed bridge teacher whom I’ve always loved for her utterly calm and patient presentation of play. If you’re still getting used to basics, the Joan Butts Bridge video series is a great place to start (and I’d also recommend that you check into the accompanying books). Her free bridge series is great for neophytes, beginning with Lesson 1: Introduction to Bridge.

5. Master Bridge (Link)

Master Bridge is a bridge-related TV series that I believe aired in the UK. It was great, but anyone who would like to see it might struggle to find it unless you have a working VHS player and some contacts – until it was uploaded online, that is. It’s definitely worthwhile to watch the whole thing.

6. More Help with TD Rulings (Link)

This series is hosted by the English Bridge Union – and is aimed at explaining more of the mechanics behind tournament directors. It’s called “More Help with TD Rulings” and covers concepts like Unintended Calls. Hugely useful! 

7. Probabilities in Bridge (Link

Probabilities in Bridge is a three-part video series by Max Chauvet, and it takes you through how the game relates to math and probability. It’s great for anyone who has a keen additional interest in how numbers and algorithms can analyze and predict everything else. 

8. Bridge BFF (LInk)

Bridge BFF is a series that teaches bridge from the ground up in ten short lessons – and in a refreshing way. Lessons at the very beginning of the series go through beginning bridge concepts and by the end, viewers should have a better idea of even slightly more advanced bidding and play concepts.