Jan. 12: Free Super Sunday Daylong Winners

This weekend’s Super Sunday Daylong winners (should we say Super Winners?) are: toing with a score of 80,56%,  ebol in second place at 80.30% and  kangxk right behind in third with 79.67%.

19.314 players registered to play the Super Sunday Daylong Tournament. You can find the full results here.

As promised there were BB$ prizes too. Where there were too many ties we flipped a coin to pick the winner.

Well done everyone and we hope you had fun!

1 toing 10 BB$
2 ebol 5 BB$
3 kangxk 5 BB$
4 willemm 5 BB$
5 melinda12 5 BB$
6 grzes33 5 BB$
7 ajitp 5 BB$
8usla5 BB$
9 ayats08 5 BB$
10 dqdogo6o 5 BB$
100 zhoraster 5 BB$
1,000 samsam52 5 BB$
10,000 mike_craft 5 BB$

This Sunday, January 12, we celebrated the BBO community with a free, fun, massive BBOer get together. Another Free Super Sunday Daylong is here.

What’s new?

  • You can register any time during the week, Monday to Sunday;
  • Play starts on Sunday;
  • The tournament can be played any time on Sunday, for 24 hours, similar to the other daylongs.


  • 10 BBO dollars for 1st place
  • 5 BBO dollars for places 2 through 10
  • 5 BBO dollars for places 100, 1000, 10,000 and 20,000

12 boards, Matchpoints, open to all, no limits.

You can sign up any time during the week, Monday to Sunday. Just remember to log in on Sunday to play it out.

Super Sunday Daylong