The Zia Mahmood Online Sectional – Winners

The Zia Mahmood Sectional — BBO’s first online ACBL sectional — took place on March 2nd and 3rd (Monday and Tuesday)!

Over 13,000 registrations on March 2-3, and almost 8,000 unique players participated in this special event, showing that there is a place for Sectionals on BBO.

Everyone involved learned a lot from this experiment, and we’re optimistic about the future of diverse ACBL online competitions and a harmonious cooperation between offline and online bridge.

And now… drums please! The official results are out. Lots of players won silver masterpoints and we know who gets to play with the great Zia!

Monday (March 2nd) winners:

  1. 78jayhawk (73.42%)
  2. jmunday (72.91%)
  3. awass (72.43%)

Awass was 1st in stratum B, and winner in C was ice loving, with a score of 71.14% (10th overall).

6,397 players registered to play the Monday sectional.

Tuesday (March 3rd) winners:

  1. adameba (74.76%)
  2. gab7nt (73.55%)
  3. operator (73.47%)

Andyhsiao won on stratum B, with 71.68 % (6th overall) and winner in C was Rain, long time BBOer, robot addict and ex BBO staffer. With an impressive 71.37%, Rain secured 1st place in C and 9th overall.

6,701 players registered to play the Tuesday sectional.

Speedball with Zia?

Congratulations to 78jayhawk and adameba who each won one ACBL Speedball with Zia Mahmood as a partner. We’ll get in touch with you to sort out the details. Please keep an eye on your inbox!

Well done everyone! We’re glad to see you joined so numerous and helped make this first sectional experiment a success. As always, you can reach us for questions, comments, suggestions at