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New to Bridge Base Online?

Quick Guide for players new to online play.

Welcome to Bridge Base Online! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find your way around.

Create your BBO username

To create a BBO account, visit and click Login/Register. Then, click “Become a member (free!)

Find a specific tournament

Virtual Club games

Click the Virtual Clubs menu:

Find your country in the list, and click on it to see what virtual club games are available:

Other tournaments and club games

To search for a specific tournament, for instance a private game organized by a friend or a private club, click COMPETITIVE, then All Tournaments.

There is a Search box at the top. Type the host name, or some keyword from the tourney title.

Please note that tournaments are only visible and open for registrations 2 hours before start time. So if you are looking for a game scheduled to start at 5PM, you will only be able to see it and register between 3PM and 5PM.

How to register to a tournament

Now that you found your tournament, click on it. You will reach this screen.

Type your partner’s username in the Invite box, and click the Invite button. You both need to be online.

Find your friends

Friends and players you follow are listed in the People panel.

If you already have friends and bridge partners using Bridge Base Online, ask them what their BBO username is. Once you know their handle, you can add them to your friends list online.

Online friends will be listed to the right of your screen, in the People panel, in the Friends tab. Click a name and you will be able to chat to them.

Other useful links and tips

Update ACBL number. This page allows you to add your ACBL number to your BBO account, and have your masterpoints reported to the ACBL.

Purchase BB$. BBO dollars are needed to pay entry fees for pay tournaments on the site. Most tournaments are free, but if you wish to play pay games that issue masterpoints, you will need BB$ to pay the entry fee.

Myhands, results, history. The Hand Records database allows you to access your hand records. Recent tournament results can also be accessed on BBO, in the History panel, to the right hand side of your screen.

This should be enough to get you started with friends or your club players. There is a lot more to BBO, and you will have the chance to explore everything, as you get more familiar with the site.

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact us.