Tool to manage multiple Include / Exclude lists

The link below allows any tournament host to upload, download, update or delete their web lists.

How to use the list manager tool:

  • Type your username and password. This is the BBO username where the lists will be updated.
  • Choose which type of list you need to update or download: Include, or Exclude
  • Choose the action to be executed:
    • Replace will replace existing list with the new file you are providing. The file needs to be .txt with one username per row
    • Append will update your list with new usernames, by comparing existing list with the file you are providing. There will be no duplicates, if a username already exists on your list, it will not be added again.
    • Remove will delete the list from your BBO account.
    • Download will download the list as a simple text file with one username per row.
  • You can download a list, save it on your computer, and upload it later in case you need it again. This is how you can manage multiple lists for your games.

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