BBO video tutorial playlist

Courtesy of Paul Gipson.

How to register on BBO
BBO home screen
Finetune your account settings

Friends and chatting on BBO
Join or create a table on BBO
Bidding and alerting on BBO
How to undo a misclick (and some partnership bidding)

Create a set game on BBO

Mark someone as a friend and join their table
Join a teaching table and turn on voice
Close a BBO table
Chat, undo, claim at a BBO table
Partnership bidding on BBO
Use advanced options at a partnership bidding table

How to register to a tournament on BBO
How to register to an individual tournament
How to register as a pair to a tournament
Convention cards on BBO
How to see results of a tournament or team match on BBO
Common abbreviations and acronyms

Upload your own hands to BBO
Create a team match (with example of prepared deals)
Start a team match (substitutes, cancellation)

Challenges on BBO
The Acol Players Club on BBO
Watch BBO vugraph

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