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Visual Handviewer Editor

The link below allows you to create any bridge diagram and obtain a URL that can be shared or embedded.

How to use the Handviewer Editor:

The tool is pretty self explanatory, but here are a few tips that might not be obvious from first attempt:

  • Once you selected the type of diagram you need to use, clicking on any seat selects that hand (click on East to enter East’s cards).
  • For random deals, click Shuffle
  • Once all 4 hands are entered (if you are doing a full hand diagram), click on the Dealer’s seat to indicate who is the dealer.
  • After selecting the Dealer, you will be able to enter the bidding.
  • If a bid has an explanation, type the explanation before the bid. So for 2C michaels, first type Michaels in the Explanation box, then bid 2C.
  • When you are done, click Create link to get the handviewer URL. Note that you can still edit this URL to add various parameters to it if you wish.
  • For more advanced users: Handviewer and various supported parameters are documented here.

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