Bridge Base Online

How do BBO Points work


Bridge Base Online uses ACBL’s formula for its BBO Points. Originally, the only sanctioned games implemented on BBO were ACBL’s tournaments and the formula was coded to match ACBL’s requirements. See ACBL’s Masterpoints Book and find the section on Regular Club Games.

Minimum number of boards required to award full masterpoints

For full BBO Point awards, a tournament must have at least 18 boards.

BBO tournaments follow the rule that 12-17 board games award 60% of the normal BBO points rate.

The 8 board robot games are pro-rated down by boards/12.

The top award caps out at 15 tables, which is why BBO aims for 14-16 table section sizes.

BBO also awards overall awards to the top 6 across all sections.

More detailed explanation

If the tournament has at least 18 boards, section top is 0.1 points per pair  eligible for awards in the section, up to 15 pairs.

If there are at least 30 tables, subsequent awards are:
#2 = .75 x #1#3 = .75 x .75 x #1rest = #1 * 4/(rank+5)

If there are less than 16 tables, they’re
#2 = .70 x #1#3 = .50 x #1#4 = .35 x #1rest = #1 / rank

From 17 to 29 tables you get the lower of the above awards for your rank.

Overall awards are given to the top 6 pairs overall when there are at least 16 tables. The top award is 0.4 per table, and each rank is .75 of the previous rank.

When there are ties, all the tied players get the average of the awards for the places in the range of ranks.

For tourneys with 12-17 boards, awards are reduced by 60%

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