Big Screen Bridge Base

Struggling to see your bridge game? 

Getting glasses doesn’t have to be the only practical answer. Some devices are simply doomed to have smaller screens – and if you want to avoid eye strain, switching to a bigger screen might be the answer to your problems. 

There are many ways to get BBO on a bigger screen. It’s especially useful for tournaments, online club games and larger events that require a big overhead display.

Here’s how to access big screen Bridge Base for a larger view of the cards when you require it.

Option #1: Switch to Tablets

The first (and perhaps more obvious) option for anyone who wants to see a bigger online bridge table is  switching over to a tablet instead of a phone. 

Bridge Base Online has the additional benefit of being able to run on anything, including computers that support Flash Player (and of course, mobile options).

Option #2: Connect to a Smart TV

Some smartphones have the ability to be connected to a Smart TV by means of USB connection – although for others, you might have to look for the Cast option on both the TV and phone to synchronize the two with one another. 

Connecting to a smart TV is a great way to access online bridge – and most people with a smart TV have absolutely no idea that the ability to do it is there. 

To find the settings for your phone and TV, look up the model of the TV (usually physically on either the TV or remote) and type this into your nearest search engine. 

Option #3: Use HDMI-Connection Cables

If you can’t find the cast option, but would still like to get the display of your laptop or PC to another screen, there are (luckily) other ways to connect them. 

It does, however, require the right connection cables to make it work. 

HDMI-to-USB usually does the trick from a laptop to a TV which supports it, and you can find relevant HDMI cables to do the same with older models.

As a last tip for any users who might be having trouble, check the settings for the TV to set it to a different input setting (TV/AV, usually, as you would when setting up a DVD player, Playstation or any other device) and check the settings for your device or phone just in case there’s a setting to change the display. 

Option #4: Connecting a Projector

There are many events where a TV might not be the most practical display possible, but where you have access to a projector. 

You’re in luck: The majority of projectors already have the ability to connect to most laptops (or smart devices) give or take a few settings. 

Again, look up the model of your projector or device for the best instructions on how to hook it up for a bigger BBO display.