ACBL Endless Summer Tournament: win Gold and Red Masterpoints

We are happy to announce that BBO will host the second ACBL regionally rated event: The Endless Summer Tournament.

What: ACBL Endless Summer Tournament / Pairs event
When: June 25th to June 28th (Thursday-Sunday)
Awards: ACBL Gold and Red Masterpoints ®
Entry fee: 15 BB$ per player, per session for all events
Limits: ACBL members

Start times will be distributed throughout the entire day in order to offer players several opportunities to participate at this amazing event.

How do you register?

To find ACBL tournaments click on COMPETITIVE > ACBL MASTERPOINTS TOURNAMENTS or click on ACBL WORLD from the main menu then look for the tournament you want to register then register you and your partner.

Entries open two hours before the first session of each tournament event.

Be online with your partner on the BBO site and ready to play at least 10 minutes before game start time.


What else you need to know?

  • Be sure your ACBL number is updated at least 24 hours before the tournament starts. If you want to update or renew your member, please click here
  • You must have enough BB$ on your account to register. Click here to purchase BB$


    1. I signed up today to play in the 10:15 pink lemonade limit game. It was over an hour delayed and no way to cancel my registration.
      My partner and I were charged $15 each. I believe our money should be refunded. #9613145 ACBL number.

    2. I signed up June 27 to play in the 10:15 pink lemonade limit game. It was over an hour delayed and no way to cancel my registration.
      My partner and I were charged $15 each. I believe our money should be refunded. #9613145 ACBL number.

      1. No you do not pay for your partner unless you specifically click on the “I will pay for my partner” button during the registration process. You and your partner must both be logged in to BBO when you register.

  1. What color points are the daily single session events awarding. Not listed so I am assuming black? But for $15??

    1. Gold points are available in any two-session event including Gold Rush, Mid-Flight and Open two-session Pairs. You are also eligible for Gold points by playing in at least two sessions of a side pairs series. To earn Gold points in a side game series, you must play at least two sessions in the SAME side series AND come in first overall in your direction OR put together two good sessions in two games in the same series which would be good enough to put you in the Overall Rankings for the series. The overall awards for Side Game Series are not stratified — they are only Open.

    2. no, all open events award gold points. typically limited games do not, but they started making an exception years ago that allowed players w/ fewer than 750 points EACH could play in these (always) 2 session events and players who either come in 1st in their either direction in each section OR anywhere in the “overalls” receive gold points.

    3. You can earn gold points in Gold Rush Pairs, Mid Flight Pairs or Open two-session pairs. You can also earn them by playing in two sessions of a side series and either coming in first overall in your director or putting together two very good score to end up in the overalls. Gold Rush is probably your best bet if you are eligible.

      1. If you register for a two-session event you register and pay for both sessions when you register for the first one. There is no need to register for the second session of a two-session event. Make sure you have sufficient BB$! Two session events are $30 per person, $60 for the pair.

    1. There is a partnership desk available for all events. Click on the event you wish to play in and you will see “Partnership Desk” in the upper right hand corner of the registration window. You can add your name if you are looking for a partner OR “invite” a player who is on the list.

  2. And now the cheating starts. Both players can be in the same house, or in IM contact. Please don’t tell me BBO has software to detect cheaters. Only really stupid ones. Just don’t have TOO big a game, or do too many strange things (like always jumping to great, point-deficient slams. Take a bad board here or there…lol. After all the scandals this game has been through, this is just too easy. Is there no other choice? I refuse to play in a game that is so completely unsecure. Convince me otherwise, please.

    1. Agree 100%. My wife is a very good player and Im a relative newby. Im a “c’ in statified. Sometimes I really bomb but more and more, I have good games.
      I’m very fearful that if i had a good day and did well, we would be suspected of cheating. Consequently, we
      will both wait for the robot games. Hopefully they will be soon.

      1. Understand completely. A sad pair of people indeed, however, that need to resort to this kind of cheating.

      2. Ginger520

        If you are going to worry about cheating and all the “other stuff” that goes on in bridge or any other competition, you will never enjoy it. We do this because we love the game – we love the challenge. There is no other card game like it. Relax! Do your best and if those people living in same “house” choose to cheat it their loss and not yours. Hope you can continue to enjoy the wonderful opportunity BBO has given us. Thank you so much BBO, for making a difficult time wonderfully bearable!

    2. I enjoy playing with a partner online, and I have played in numerous ACBL games online. There may have been cheating, and I’m certain some types cheat, but my bad boards were almost always my fault (one time, my partner’s but most were mine). A few times I’ve been “fixed,” but that happens at a real table. (I’m sure we all remember or know a player who can never pull the right card, but almost always bids something stupid, misplays it, but makes it at our table.) Is there cheating? I would imagine so. There is cheating at the table, also. Is it easier to cheat online? Yes. Most rampant cheating can be easily identified. A pair that consistently scores 75% or better on 33% contracts, might merit being looked at, but most players–I’m convinced–play this game for its challenges, not to cheat. If I score 60% or better, considering my skill level (or lack thereof), I’m a happy guy. I understand the reticence of some about the issue of cheating, but I’m going to play to see how I do in terms of my bidding, my play, and my defense.

  3. Is stratification based on pair average or the player with more points? Too be clear, I have 990 and my partner has 490. Our average is 740. When we play in 1250/750/300 event are we A or B? As our average is 740, are we eligible for the 750/400/200 event?

    What is the format? How many boards per round? How many total boards? How many minutes per hand?

    When a table fails to finish on time, how will scores be assigned? What if there is a two-way finesse for a missing queen?

  4. Stratification is average masterpoints. A 990 player partnering a 490 player while averaging 740 are ineligible for the 750/400/200 event.

    1. I don’t believe that is true. If you look on the bottom of the 1st page of the information, stratification is by the average masterpoint holding of the pair BUT NEITHER PLAYER may exceed the limit for the event, so a 940mp player is not eligible for a 750 event. Double check with the Directors, but that is my understanding.

      1. Our 990/490 partnership (average 740) plans on playing in the 1250/750/300 event. We expect to be eligible for both flight A and B awards.

  5. I am an overseas player looking for partner in Endless Summer June 25-28. I have less than 200 ACBL MP, will try to play less these few days.

    I can play both SAYC and 2/1GIB 2/1 GF , 1NT 15-17, Stayman, Major transfer, MSS, Texas,2NT 20-21,Gambling 3NT,J2NT,splinter,rev drury, inv minor,2C strong, Weak2, RONF,feature asking 2NT, negative & support double, Cappelletti, RKC 0314; Gerber
    I am looking to play morning and evening games

    1. Entries for every event are unlimited. If the entry number posted is reached a new “section” will be added.

  6. why can you not run these games as an individual movement, that would remove the possibility of cheating. there is no way I would play in an online partnership game. sorry but you need to address this.

  7. Do pending ACBL masterpoints count towards your total for purposes of maximum points for entering a tournament?

  8. Why the grossly high price? That high price to simply play for gold also breeds cheating that can’t be monitored. partners may simply talk on their cell phones when these highly coveted games are offered. Almost $1 per person per board online…realy?

    1. ACBL needs the revenue to survive during the pandemic. Despite the high price, these games sell out within minutes of opening for registration.

  9. This is just dumb. What is ACBL thinking.
    I would never play where both member of the
    opposition can look at each other’s screen.
    You can say what you like, but it WILL happen
    and the scores are going to be a big LIE.

    1. Yes, as long as neither player has more points than the masterpoint limit for the game (1250 or 750), you may enter the Gold Rush Events. Being a Life Master has no effect.

  10. Hi
    I would be pleased to receive an understanding of why these online games are priced at this rate.
    thank you

  11. I play a couple of speedballs every day and occasionally there’s a suspicious pair but it’s not common at all. The vast majority of people play honestly. How many people are going to cheat to get a few masterpoints that don’t really matter? If there was money on the line that would be a different story. I suppose it could be argued that more people will cheat in a $15 entry fee event for “special” points, but I’m not sure about that. Anyone that would cheat in something of such little importance is likely a terrible player anyway, so they will struggle regardless.

  12. Confused on whether games are stratified? If it says Unlimited/1500/500….Is that the stratification? I don’t want to p,ay against people with 5000 points

    1. Avoid the Side games and “Open Pairs” events (where top strata is “Unlimited”) if you don’t want to play against people with 5000 (or more) points. All events have 3 strata, shown in the “Stratification” column at the right (or bottom of page).

  13. Please make it easier for us to sign up this time. I was prevented last time even though I logged in more than two hours early!

  14. My partner and I would like to play in the lower division of Gold Rush. Our total points on myACBL as of May 31 are just below 750 but if we count points earned in June, we are just over 750.

    Are we allowed to play in the lower division?

  15. Where to find the answers to our questions? I have seen any yet regarding if we receive gold points for the daily single session 499er

    1. Once you successfully register before the 1st session of a Daily 2-session event, you are automatically registered for the 2nd session.

    1. No, you must play in a two-session event OR two sessions in a side game series to be eligible for Gold points

  16. How many pairs are you allowing to sign on for the gold rush pairs.
    Last time you allowed only 200 & when the game showed up on my screen 2 hours ahead it was already sold out….How can that be if it is released at the same time.

  17. I play two times a day and have asked for help numerous times in getting hand records. there is no place on my screen for hand records. can you help?

  18. I have been told you must play in two (2) events each day in order to be awarded any points if we are lucky enough to place. Is that accurate?
    thanks for the assistance and clarification.

    1. No, 2 sessions to be awarded gold points. If you do well enough, you can earn red points in single-session events.Please correct me, someone, if I am wrong.

    2. True for side games in the same set and for the two-session gold pairs. NOT for 499’er and other single session events.

    3. You can earn points playing in any single-session event (just like at any live tournament). They may have been talking about receiving Gold points for which you must play in a two-session event or two session of a side pair series.

  19. I am unclear as to whether you can get gold points if you play 2 499ers in one day. Please clarify,

    1. No. 499ers are single events no matter how many you play in a day. Side games accrue gold if youn play in two or more games in the same set. And, of course, gold pairs (a two-session event) can earn gold.

  20. Although you can earn gold if you play in both side games of the same event — example: the morning and afternoon watermelon side games — I assume you have to register for both individually? If so, how can you be online two hours in advance to register when you are still playing in AM session — these games sell out extremely quickly so you will be stuck with only playing in morning and possibly getting red. So isn’t the possibility of gold really non-existent for these games?

    1. We have much greater capacity and do not expect to limit the entries in any event for this tournament. There will be time between sessions for you to register for the next single-session Side Series game. Of course, if you play in a two-session event, you need only register once.

      Remember also, the side series are four sessions; even if you only play on Thursday and Friday morning… or on Saturday and Sunday morning, you have played two games in each series and could win gold points for a stratum A first place finish.

  21. I direct online games for our local Club. While there are sometimes unusual results, I can look at the pair history and work out fairly quickly if they are taking advantage of the system or smelling like roses with bad bids. So far it has been the latter.

    One of the married couples who plays in our games has been accused of cheating. I know them personally. I know they are playing on different floors of their house to avoid even the mere appearance of impropriety. Yet, because they are married and cohabit, there can be an assumption.

    I’m pretty wired with my regular partner, even online. Nothing one can do about that.

    What I am essentially saying is that folks who are prone to cheating were already doing it at the Clubs and Tournaments. Those whose personal ethics will not allow them to do have not suddenly become cheating, they just have different ways in which to do what they were already doing.

    1. In the side series you’ll be B (500-1500 average). In side series events, Gold points are awarded for first place in strat A (only), assuming you play in more than one game in the same series. Additional gold points are awarded to series winners; again this is only for the top stratum.

    1. No sorry. The requirements for a gold-point event are that it be more than one session and have a masterpoint limit of 750 or higher.

  22. Entries will be unlimited for this Regional Tournament. Though it’s a good idea to register early, registration remains open up until game time so you would always have time between the end of one session to register for the next one. In addition, while you are playing in any tournament there is a “table” tab that appears on the right side of your screen (it only appears while you are playing at a table). If you click on that tab you will be able to register for any upcoming event that is on the pending schedule.

  23. If a player is playing in the Oranges Slices at 10:30am, and the game doesn’t end until when 1:00 pm; how does that player sign up for the 2:00pm Oranges slices game “two hours” before, while they are playing? Distractions with “TABS” etc, on my “older” computer tend to make my computer go into a “tizzy”…so I would want to sign up for the 2:00pm game at the same time as signing up for the 10:30 game…like a player does when they are playing in a pairs game at a hotel venue. Please advz…to: thank you in advance

    1. You do not have to register two hours before game time, that is simply when registration opens. You can register up until game time (of course we strongly urge you to register at least 15 minutes before game time to ensure there are no problem with your registration. Entries are unlimited and games will not sell out. You will have plenty of time between sessions to register for the next session.

  24. The side games have two session each for two different days- a total of 4 sessions with the same fruit name. Does that mean to get gold points i have to just play in any two of those 4 or must it be two in the same day?

    1. Yes, you can play in any two sessions in the Side Game Series to be eligible for Gold points. For example, you can play on Thursday morning in the Orange Slice pairs and Friday morning in the Orange Slice pairs and those two sessions would be combined for your overall eligibility in the series.

    1. Once you and your partner have registered for an event, just make sure you are logged in and online in front of your computer at game time (it’s a good idea to be sitting in front of your computer 5-10 minutes before start to make sure you do not log out due to inattention). Once the event starts you and your partner will be taken to a table to begin play.

  25. What is the difference between gold rush pairs and the side game of two sessions. We don’t know which ones to register for for gold points. Our average points are around 400.

    1. Side games have no masterspoint limit so you would be playing against players with many thousands of masterpoints. You will only earn Gold Points if you do well against all levels (there are no gold points for doing well in your stratification). Your best bet for Gold points is the Gold Rush Pairs where your competition will be players of a similar skill level as you.

    1. The schedule is a daily schedule — every event on that schedule will occur every day, Thursday through Sunday. Each day will have the exact same schedule.

  26. I have 2000 points, my partner has 3600, and we desire to play in Blue Butterfly event with 3500 and 1750 strata. As our average is about 2600, are we eligible?

    1. No, to be eligible to play in any event, no player in your pair can have more masterpoints than the stated upper masterpoint limit for the event. For the 3500 Mid-Flight Pairs, players with over 3500 points are ineligible. Your partner is ineligible so you as a pair are ineligible.

  27. This is about the Yellow Sunshine and Golden Sunset Pairs. Both are stratified and both have MP limits of 1250 and 750 respectively. In previous answers, you have stated that “The requirements for a gold-point event are that it be more than one session and have a masterpoint limit of 750 or higher.” QUES: If we play in either or both of these Pairs, for 2 sessions each, and our average is less than 750 mp, will we qualify for gold, even if we scratch?

    1. Yes, you will qualify for gold points if you are 1st overall in your section/direction OR if you place high enough in the overall rankings. For the Golden Sunset Pairs you must place in the overalls for the top strat to receive gold points. For the Yellow Sunshine Pairs you must place in the overalls in the top strat or the 750 strat to receive gold points

    1. Yes, from the main menu choose competitive then ACBL Masterpoint Tournament then find the event you wish to enter. There is a handy “search” option in the upper right hand corner of the pending tournament list

  28. I want to play in 4 sessions on Thursday and so does 1 of my partners , my question is how do you register for the later sessions when you and your partner are already playing in the afternoon session at 2:45 and you are playing at 5:45 ?

    1. There is plenty of time between session to register for the next session. You do not have to register 2 hours in advance, that is simply when registration opens. You can register anytime up until game time (although you are STRONGLY encouraged to register at least 15 minutes before the game starts in case you have any problems). You can also register for later tournaments by clicking on the “table” tab on the right side of your screen (this tab ONLY appears when you are playing at a table), and registering from there.

  29. It should state at the top of this game schedule that all tournament times are eastern standard time! Someone just pointed this out to me . . . I would have entered my tournament 3 hours late!

    1. The entry fee is $15 per person per session. If you are entering a single session event, you would pay $15 and your partner would pay $15 or one of you could pay for your partner for a fee of $30.

      If you are entering a two-session event, the entry fee is $30 per person. That is $60 per pair if one of you wishes to pay for your partner.

  30. To answer a few of the common questions:
    1. You cannot get gold in a one-session event
    2. The Gold Rush and higher stratified games award gold points for section first and overall places (For instance, you can get gold in the open (unlimited/3000 flights) and midflight (3500/1750) games). YOU MUST PLAY BOTH SESSIONS of the events in the first box titled “Daily Two-session events”.
    3. You can also win gold points by playing in two or more of the same side game series (that is, suppose you play in three of the four Orange Slices events; your best two scores are used to find your place in the overalls. If you place in the overalls, I believe you win gold. You don’t place in the overalls if you play one game in Watermelon and one in Tangerine — you need two games in the same series.
    4. Nobody cares whether you pay all, half, or none of the entry fee, but somebody has to pay it; it’s an arrangement between you and your partner.
    5. I believe that the two-session events will award red for section places below a section first. The side game will award red points unless you place in the overalls. The single-session events will award red points.
    6. When you buy your entry for the two-session events, you pay your card fees up front for both sessions.

    I hope that helps. The ACBL could help by providing an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) doc for these events.

    1. Click on the “account” tab, then click on “convention cards”, then “create a new card”. Put your partner’s BBO ID (not their real name) in the white box to the right of the word “partner” in the blue line at the top. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you put your partner’s BBO ID in that box, once you’ve filled out the card and saved it your card will automatically upload for any tournament you play in on BBO.

  31. The open pairs two session game is listed as 15BB$, but the mid-flight is listed as 30BB$. Why the difference?

  32. We have tried to can cancel our registration into Strawberry Icecream and have not been able to .. We have signed up for Orange SLice. Can you make sure we are not charged for Strawberryy Icecream .. under jjf42.


  33. There is a tournament super gold rush ballroom 1, 2 and 3 and I do not see them in the list. Can you give me times and mp ranks pls?

    1. You both must have fewer than 1250 MP. Top flight averages between 750 & 1250, second flight is 300-750 and third flight is 0-300 all by average. Pick any ballroom.

    1. Please tell me the schedule for both gold rush Ball room I II II it is not in the flyer. I can only see golden Rush

  34. I’m trying to register into “Yellow Sunshine” for the Gold & Red ACBL masterpoint to start at 10:45—I can’t find it.

  35. I had no idea what you meant by “pick any ballroom”. Perhaps you can explain so that a year from now I will be able to play in the game instead of today.

    1. I am sorry for the confusion. The Super Gold Rush Pairs had three ballrooms–Ballroom I, Ballroom II and Ballroom III. I received many questions about which ballroom to choose (some thought you should choose III if you didn’t have that many points or some thought the best players were in Ballroom I). All ballrooms are equal. If you want to play Super Gold Rush Pairs, you may choose any ballroom

  36. I had no idea what you meant by “pick any ballroom”. Perhaps you can explain so that a year from now I will be able to play in the game instead of today.

    1. I am sorry for the confusion. The Super Gold Rush had three ballrooms–Ballroom I, Ballroom II and Ballroom III. I received many questions about which ballroom you should choose (some thought they should choose Ballroom III if they did not have that many points and that Ballroom I was where the best players were). All the Ballrooms were equal. If you wanted to play in the Super Gold Rush, you could play in any of the three ballrooms.

  37. I am so confused by the rules for these events. Would the ACBL please clarify the rules and answer the FAQs? For instance, in the comments I read this: “Side games have no master point limit so you would be playing against players with many thousands of master points. You will only earn Gold Points if you do well against all levels (there are no gold points for doing well in your stratification). Your best bet for Gold points is the Gold Rush Pairs where your competition will be players of a similar skill level as you.” Is this accurate? Thank you!

    1. I am sorry that happened to you. Please write to (online dot tournament at acbl dot org) and provide details like your names, ACBL numbers, BBO handles, event and what happened. That will start the refund process.

  38. We were registered for 2 sessions of the super gold rush and just before the second session started i got a message saying my registration had been canceled. Any idea why. We were just waiting for the game to start and got left behind. Will we get our $15 dollars back? Pretty disappointing

    1. Please write to (online dot tournament at acbl dot org) with details like your event, your BBO handles, your ACBL numbers and what happened to you. That email address is where we begin the refund process. I am sorry that happened to you.

    1. Try to log back in ASAP. Your seat will be held for you. Generally, you are taken immediately back to your table once you log back in. If it takes some time for you to log back in, a substitute may be put in to complete a hand or round. In that case, once you are back online, you will be returned to your table as soon as the hand or round is complete.

    1. Try to log back in ASAP, and your seat will be held. Generally, you are taken right back to your seat. If it takes you time to log back in, a sub may be put in to complete a hand or round. Once you get back online, you will be returned to your table as soon as the hand or round is complete.

  39. Pls tell me were the calendar is to find partner for saturday. I am trying to click on it but there is nothing

    1. You will be able to reach the partnership desk on Saturday, two hours before your event. Then, click on the event. You will find the link to the partnership desk.

    1. No. The 1250 is a hard limit, and no player in the event may have more than 1250. Once both players are qualified to play in the event (i.e., both players are below 1250), then we stratify by average.

  40. Where are the scores and master points posted after the tournament? If I’m not playing in a particular tournament, can I still see their scores?

    1. We post to ACBL Live which is (live dot acbl dot org). Click on regional tournaments and online tournament. Then, click on the event in which you are interested.

    1. Go to ACBL Live (acbl dot live dot org). Select regionals, online regional, and tab the result you want to see.

  41. my partner and I have ~200 MP each…we don’t want to be stratified with life masters. It looks like the right game for us ‘Golden sunset pairs’. Is this game available at the same times each day? (Friday 5;45 and 9:15 pst)

    1. yes, looks like good choice except the times are NOT PST as you wrote…the event will be over by then if you wait for those times; times listed are EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME, therefore listed friday times of 5:45 and 9:15 are actually 2:45 and 6:15 PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME or 1:45 and 5:15 if you happen to remain on pacific STANDARD time.

  42. We played in Yellow Sunshine yesterday. Morning session score was 59.13% (award 0.59 red). Pair ranked just below us with 59.08% earned 1.35 gold. That pair was also ranked one below us in both “P” & “Q”. Why did they receive a higher award?

    1. Each section and direction has a section top. For example, if I am in section A NS, I might make 60% and come in second my direction. The best score in A EW could be 55%, and they would win gold, whereas i would not. Also, when looking at the second session recap, that represents what the pair won for the event. Sometimes a pair that played poorly in the second wins gold–which was really won during the first session

  43. My wife and I want to play for gold in the tournament. We can not play at night. I have about 1300 points and my wife has less. It looks like the tournament is set up so that we can not play for gold points. Why is this? Why not set it up so we can play two sessions morning and afternoon at our appropriate point level. I think your turn out would be better if this was addressed as there are many players like us that cannot play at night.

    1. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to accommodate everybody perfectly when we are serving four time zones across the continent plus additional time zones in Alaska and Hawaii. The Blue Butterfly mid-flight pairs looks like a good game for you. No player will have more than 3500 masterpoints, and you and your partner fit into the second flight, which also plays gold.

  44. It was indicated above that robots with ACBl #s can play in tournaments. If that is true, how does one find one with a number?

    1. We have heard of humans naming themselves “Robot” as a joke. We are not aware that actual robots have purchased actual memberships and acquired actual ACBL numbers.

  45. My partner and I played in the Golden Sunset game last night — the best stratification for us. The game was over at We think it is unfair that this stratification is only late at night. Why not a morning and afternoon game for this group??

    1. We have made a concerted effort to serve players across all of our time zones as well as provide some variations in stratifications. As you said, the best stratification was not best suited for you timewise. There could be two players in Hawaii who most favor the stratifications for the games that start at 5:00 am their time. While you might have been one of the top pairs in the 0-750 game, your 1250 point game has two advantages. First, you can win more points with the higher stratifications. Second, you have a 0-750 stratification within your game, giving you an excellent chance to win.

  46. In the box in the upper left hand corner where you show what round you are in and how many rounds there are, you also show a running MP% of how you are doing.

    You update the percentage after every three boards. I thought you were NOT allowed to tell anyone how they are doing until the very end.

    Knowing your % can influence how you might play near the end.

    1. We are somewhat limited in our choices when it comes to running tournaments on BBO. In the future there may be a way to disable that feature.

  47. My partner & I are registered for Yellow Sunshine Super Gold Rush Tournament but there is no stratification for 1250/700/300 masterpoints. We should in the 750 stratification, so will the directors sort that out before we start the game

    1. You will be assigned a stratification based on your masterpoint average. The strats for the morning Gold Rush games are 1250/750/300

  48. Can the opponents ask for clarification of a bid during play that was not alerted nor was an alert required? If so which partner answers?

    1. Yes, according to the Laws of Duplicate Bridge a player may ask for clarification about the partnership agreement of a bid at any time during the play at his turn to play. To receive clarification about a bid, click on the bid and the bidder will see a pop up box requesting an explanation. Questions regarding bids and responses to those questions should be done by clicking on the bid in question and using the boxes supplied for explanations. Questions and/or answers should NEVER be given in the general table chat. You can try private chatting your questions and answers to your opponent but often they will not notice and you will be frustrated. Best to click on the bid and the bidder will have an obvious signal that an explanation is requested.

  49. I hate that you are doing 18 board regional sessions. No excuse for not keeping them at 24 minimum online. One of the sad things among of course many sad things these days is the shortening of number of boards in regional events. It makes me not want to play in them either live or online. You can go play a club game and get 22-24 boards for half the cost.

  50. Will the red points we earned in Endless Summer Tournament be uploaded to the number of points we have in BBO’s tracking system?

    And if you could get BBO to disable the running MP% from being visible in the box with the current board number, that would be greatly appreciated!

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