Some Archives to Search

Archive searches are one of my favorite things. 

It allows you to find resources and writings from way back when, and you might even discover things you never imagined were out there to begin with.

Here are a few to visit whenever you feel like a trip down the memory lanes of bridge.

The BBO Prime Archive

Here’s the link to the official post archive for BBO Prime, where you can find bridge columns going back to the very beginning. 

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is an online, worldwide initiative that looks to archive the internet. 

If you’re looking for anything that might have happened on the internet, including images, videos or e-books, you are likely to find it here. 

The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is still technically part of the larger Internet Archive. 

Here, you’ll find archived versions of websites during their existence – including blogs and anything else. Even obscure websites that might have been taken down exist somewhere in the internet archive: Just type in the URL to find out.  

NY Times Bridge Archive

The NY Times has been one of the most influential bridge columns in existence. 

Here’s the link to their archive for bridge posts. 


Of course, there’s more to the New York Times than just their decades worth of bridge columns. 

For any other archived articles, go to what’s called their TimesMachine. 

The New Yorker Archives

The New Yorker is another one of many magazines who have devoted time to bridge.

Here’s the link to their online archive, where you’ll find articles about bridge and everything else.

Frank Stewart’s Daily Bridge ColumnBaron Barclay

Frank Stewart’s Daily Bridge Column is a wonderful reading essential for any serious bridge player.

Again, here’s the link to its archive, hosted through Baron Barclay. 

Bridge Magazine: Online Archive

Devotees and fans of the UK-based Bridge Magazine should appreciate this link to their online archive, where you can find previous articles, columns and back issues. 

Back Issues of the Bridge World

Back issues are just as much fun as an archive search. 

At this link, you can order back issues of magazine The Bridge World.

ACBL It’s Your Call Archive

It’s Your Call is a favorite bridge puzzle for thousands of players. 

The official ACBL archive of past puzzles can be found here. Have fun!