About ACBL NABC Robot Individual

The 2020 Summer NABC Robot Individual is a three-day, three-session Bridge Base Online (BBO) robot duplicate event, awarding ACBL Masterpoints (Red and Gold), as well as an ACBL NABC title. This event is stratified (Unlimited/2000/500).

This event is open only to ACBL members. You need a valid ACBL Membership by July 10 (Friday) and a valid ACBL number on file with BBO to be eligible. Update your ACBL number on BBO by clicking this link.

The entry fee is $50. Register between June 26 and July 6 and pay a discounted $40 fee. You’ll need at least $40 or $50 BB$ in your account. You can purchase BB$ here.

All participants in the Spring 2020 NABC Robot Individual benefit of a $6 credit towards the Summer 2020 NABC Robot Individual.

Tournament Conditions of Play:

  • The tournament starts on Saturday, July 11, and ends on Monday, July 13, 2020.
  • Each session comprises 24 boards.
  • Each session spans one calendar day.
  • A registered player may begin their daily session at any time during the calendar day, but must complete their 24 boards prior to 23:59:59 Eastern Daylight Time.
  • Players must complete at least one board in a session to continue in the event.
  • Players who skip a session are eliminated from the event.
  • Any incomplete boards are scored as a zero.
  • Every session is weighed equally for the final result with full carryover. There is no elimination between sessions.
  • The event is played robot duplicate style: The player sits South, with robots at the other three seats at the table.
  • The event is played best-hand style: Player always receives the hand with the most high-card points at the table or tied for the most high-card points. (Best-hand is defined solely by high-card points and does not take into account hand pattern.)
  • Human player declares for his robot partner when their side wins the contract.
  • Not everyone will be dealt the same boards.
  • The event is scored by matchpoints. Each session is played without running scores; a provisional leaderboard is generated following each session.

About the robots

  • The robots used are GIB robots.
  • This event utilizes Advanced Robots.
  • The robots play a modified 2/1 system.
  • This is a link to robot’s system notes. The robots sometimes deviate from notes if simulations lead them to other conclusions.
  • The robot’s understanding of what a bid means can be seen by clicking on the highlighted bid.
  • When it is a player’s turn to bid, the player can see what robots think a bid means before making the bid by mousing over the bid in the bidding diagram (before clicking to make that bid).