July 1st: Restrictions removed – We’re Back!

Dear BBOers,

During these past few months we saw incredible numbers of new players finding refuge online and we were forced to impose limitations here and there to cope with the massive volume of users, tables, boards played…

Our techs worked day and night to increase capacity and add more power, memory, machines, servers until the systems stabilized and finally we can say that the worst is behind us. 💪🏽

We are happy to announce that as of July 1st, BBO is back on track! Limits lifted, your favorite picture will light up your profile again (yeah your cat is the most beautiful), (compatibility) stars will shine again and — most of all, you’ll finally be able to play your favorite free tournaments again, at any hour of the day.

What does it really mean?

  • No more “peak hours” limitation on free tournaments.
  • New BBO procedures on free tournament creation applied.
  • Free robot duplicates and other free robot tournaments are back!
  • Weekly Free Instant Tournament is back too!
  • Play the Free Super Sunday Daylong again.
  • Profile pictures are visible again.
  • Compatibility stars are back.

BBO is free and remains free. Thank you for your patience and have fun playing.

Any questions? Please send us a message to support@bridgebase.com