NABC Robot Individual: Register by Saturday, 4PM EDT

The Summer NABC Robot individual will take place on BBO as scheduled: July 11, 12 and 13 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

UPDATE: The tournament has started! Session 1 of 3 is in progress and you have until midnight US Eastern Time to complete your set of boards. Good luck everyone!

  • The tournament lasts 3 days: July 11, 12 and 13 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
  • It awards red and gold masterpoints, and an NABC title to the winner.
  • This event is stratified (Unlimited/2000/500).
  • Only ACBL members with a valid membership can join.
  • 24 boards each day, Matchpoints
  • You will play with three robots. Each human player is sitting South and has identical robots as partners and opponents.
  • Best hand, human declare, deal pool (see the FAQ for more details about what all this means)
  • Must play each day to move forward to the next day
  • Once you start playing, you have until midnight US Eastern to play your boards for the day
  • You need to play at least 1 board each day to qualify for the next day
  • Unplayed boards are scored as 0 (zero)
  • Each day’s tournament expires at midnight US Eastern time (so if you start playing at 10PM you only have 2 hours to finish your hands, the tourney closes at midnight)

How to register?

  • Click ACBL World, then click 2020 Summer NABC Robot Individual. A menu will appear with a Register button. Click Register to … well… register.
  • Here’s a brief video showing you how to find the tournament and how to register.


    1. I will be a 1st time player but registered early and paid $40. Since 1st time players can register for $25, please refund the difference. Thankyou.

    2. I will be a 1st time player. I registered early and paid $40. Please refund $15. Thank you.

    3. I paid $50 and said I would receive a $6 credit for playing in the Spring. I think I am duue a $6 credit. Thank you.

  1. I also paid $40 and see that the fee is now $25, I would like a refund also. Thank you in advance.

  2. I tried to sign on to pay 25 but it insists on $50 …I’ve never played in a NABC Robot individual. If there is a code or if there is a way to pay $25 please advise.
    Linda B

  3. Is the $25 fee a typo?? As a first time entrant, it is underhanded to make us think we are getting a deal at $40 . I feel certain that BBO has higher standards and there must be some mistake. Perhaps first time entrants will see a $15 credit adjustment??


  5. I was charged $50 dollars and it’s my 1st time playing in a Robot gold tournament. Is this correct? Seems high as I thought it was $25. Please confirm this is the correct price

  6. All the comments are accurate. There does not seem to be a way to get the $25 entry.

  7. I also paid full amount but have not previously played in an NABC Robot Individual; please refund difference. Thank you.

  8. In the past you always sent emails about the event; this time, nothing. I finally just got an email from ACBL about it, one day too late to register for the early bird discount. So not only did I miss out on all the practice tournaments, I get to pay an extra $10. OK, I paid it, but please don’t feel that you came by it legitimately.

  9. I also paid 40 for tournament. As a first time player I should only
    Pay 25. How to I get a refund. Lspovman

  10. Hello everyone, there was indeed a display bug, the price displayed was not the right one for the bboers who never participated to an NABC. It is now fixed.

    However, don’t worry. If you registered between yesterday and today, you did pay $25 and not $50.

    You have never played an NABC robot, yet you paid $40 and asked for a refund of the difference? You will be refunded within the next few days.

    And in the meantime, keep practicing before the big day! 🙂 Have fun

    1. I am playing for the first time and paid $40. Please issue a refund. Thank you. BBO ID is whistwoman

    2. I would like to cancel my registry as I am unable to play. Please refund my registry fees which were $40.00 I think…I think I received the early registry discount. I have sent a message to BBO support relative to this cancellation as well. Thank you.
      Robbie D. Humble

  11. Hello, I am interested in playing in the NABC Robot Individual and it says in the email I received;

    Entry fee is just $25 for first-time participants ($50 if you’ve played in an NABC Robot Individual before)

    yet when I tried to sign up it shows $44. What is the correct rate? I see some people are asking for a refund.

    1. Hi, $25 discount is only for 1st time players. You already played in March (Spring NABC Robot) so you received a $6 voucher, that’s why you paid $44, this is the correct price 🙂

  12. Same here. Paid $40 for by July 6 $10 discount. Now it says $25 is the entry fee. Please refund difference.

  13. I also paid $40, and am looking for $15 refund, since I have not played in this tournament before.

  14. I didn’t join this time. Why ? I have < 500 points and in this category I can't earn gold points. Wonder why. For me it was a deal breaker

  15. @Alexandra I did not sign up for updates because I did not know the tournament was coming. I received emails prior to each of at least the last 7 (going back to Spring 2018) of these in time to sign up for the discount and play in the practice sessions, and I did not sign up for “updates” for each tournament. So,, I guess that now you have to know when each tournament is coming in order to sign up to be notified that the tournament is coming?

  16. Yes, I also paid $40 and should have paid $25 as I’ve never played in NABC. Hopefully a refund of difference would be nice?

  17. Also paid $40. For first timers, should be $25? How do we request refund of difference?

      1. I have not played in an nabc robot game, paid $40, and would like a refund for $15. My user name is sivrup. Thanks

    1. I paid $40 and am a first time entrant. Can I get a refund of $15? My BBO username is: pmccreary

  18. I also paid $40 as a first time player and am requesting a refund of the difference – thank you!

  19. Hi @StanR, indeed we don’t send email if you don’t sign up for. We announced both practice tournaments in newsfeed and on our social media. Sorry you haven’t seen it. 🙁 we’ll do better next time!

  20. I paid $40 entrance fee f
    or the robot individual.and am looking for a $15 refund as I understand everyone else is paying $25. My user name is surpriseaz. Thank you

  21. Hello Alexandra – you must have received hundreds of emails!!

    So here’s another one.

    ……. I have never played in NABC and I paid $40 – please refund

    …..My ACBL # is 7397844

    …..My userid is indranide

    …..What time do the games start each day?

    …..I assume the $25 fee covers all three days

    ….Are you organizing a ‘silver point’ game?

    Please answer all queries and thank you so much for organizing all these games – Indrani

  22. Not sure if my comment were posted. This will be the first time to play in NABC Robot tourney for $25.00, but it shows $50. Will I receive a credit for $25?

  23. twobytwocw
    OK, I registered and paid $50. It is my understanding that there was a display bug and I will receive a refund of $25.

    1. Hi twobytwocw, you can’t have a refund because you already played in an NABC (2017 summer NABC Robot) and this discount only applied to First players

  24. This is my first time and I’ve been charged $50 which I’ve requested ten dollars be refunded. Now I’ve found that I could play for $25 since it’s me first! So please refund. Help. Thanks.

  25. I paid $40, which was supposed to be a $10 discount. Now I see the registration fee is $25. Explain! Please issue refund/credit.

  26. Oh my another email now . I noticed that fee is $25 and I paid $40 so I need a refund of $15. My username is woofnm. thank you.

  27. Hello,
    I did not receive a discount with my registration of $6.00. I played in last weeks tournament. Please reimburse my account. Thank you.

  28. I just also discovered that I registered early for $40 before I knew about the offer to first time ever players that allows for a $25 registration. I just checked my BB$ history and I do not yet see a credit of $15, can you please apply it to my userid “batmanbrad”?

    Thank You.

  29. I am a first time player and paid $40 to save $10. Now it says $25,not 50. please refund the $15

  30. Please issue a refund. I’m a 1st-time player, and got the $25 offer, but have already paid the $40 entry.

  31. I am a first-time player who paid $50. Could you please refund $25? My BBO username is EJOMEL. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ejomel, Unfortunately you are not a first-time player, you already played in 2017 (Summer)

  32. I played this morning and didn’t receive a score for board #14. My bid was 5clubs and I made six but no score was recorded.
    Also The tournament is no longer listed on my list for tomorrow and Monday. Please advise.

  33. I am also a first-time player who should pay $25, but I paid $40. So I qualify for a $15 refund.

  34. I have been an acbl member for 10+ years, yet when i sign up for tournament it says its only for ACBL members. Please help, i really want to play in this!

  35. Hello, I should also be receiving the $15.00 refund to play in the NABC Robot Individual. I registered on July 6 and paid the $40.00.

  36. Hello: when I registered, I was supposed to pay $40. but was charged $50. Please refund the $25.00 extra I have paid. I am a first time player. I am not sure how to get started playing – any help online?

  37. I paid $40, I am a first time player. Will I be able to get a refund? My screen name is: vucic100

  38. When am I allowed to play my next 12 boards? I played 12 and want to complete my daily tournament of 24 boards now.

  39. i believe that i was eligible for the $25 fee but whenever I tried to register it came up as $50. I emailed BBO about this but finally had to register and paid $50. I would appreciate a credit . Thank you.

  40. How do I get a $15 refund I am a first time player in this tournamet too. I paid $40 at early registration.

  41. I was a first time player and paid $40.. Please issue a refund for $15. Also I cannot access the second day 24 boards. The listing of the tournament seems to have vanished?

  42. I posted a comment and the sender is being shown as “anonymous”? Also it is 3:12 EST not after 9 pm on the 12th?

  43. I also paid $40 but have not previously played in an NABC Robot Individual; please refund difference. Thank you.

  44. Paid $40 on June 27. I have received no adjustment as a first time player.

    ACBL 8191638

  45. I am a first time user but made the early $40 payment, and so would appreciate a $15 refund.

  46. Hi. I am a first time player and would appreciate a $15 refund as I paid $40. Thank you LChaff

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