Where to Find the Rules and Handbooks of Bridge

The rules and handbooks for the game of bridge are perhaps some of the most important documents we have as enthusiasts and players.

Without the official rules set down on paper, it would be hard next to impossible to reconstruct the rules of the game in another thousand years – and of course, rules would be endlessly disputed in club and home games if we didn’t have official tomes, rules and reference handbooks to refer to.

Here’s where to find some of the most important official rules and handbooks of bridge, including some from the WBF, ACBL, WADA and BBO.

World Bridge Federation (WBF) 

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge (2017) 


The official laws for duplicate bridge is hosted at the World Bridge Federation, updated every 10 years. Archived versions can be found, but the latest version for 2017 can be tracked down at the above link.

Commentary on the Laws of Duplicate Bridge (2017) 

Additional commentary and notes on the Laws can be found at the above World Bridge Federation link. It can be essential reading for anyone needing to understand the reasoning behind the rules.

The Laws of Online Bridge (2001) 


Online bridge is subject to rules and regulations, too. Here are the official rules as set down in 2001.

American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) 

The Laws of Rubber Bridge (2014) 


Rubber bridge has a few nuances – and separate rules. The official laws for rubber bridge games can be tracked down at the ACBL website.

The ACBL Handbook of Rules & Regulations


The ACBL Handbook of Rules & Regulations is essential reading for bridge newcomers, even if you are not a member.

The ACBL Club Director’s Handbook


Currently in charge of a bridge club – or want to be in future? Here you’ll find the official ACBL Club Director’s handbook that tells you everything you’ll need to know.

The ACBL Club Manager’s Handbook


Standing separately from the Club Director’s handbook, here you can find the Club Manager’s handbook from the same source.

The ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations

The Code of Disciplinary Regulations tells an ACBL director how to handle any disputes and violations the right way. Again, it’s classed as essential reading material.

The ACBL Teacher’s Handbook (2009) 


The ACBL Teacher’s Handbook is an official (and useful) resource for ACBL bridge teachers that provides a clear breakdown of how to approach passing bridge to others.

Word Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) 

The World Anti-Doping Code


The World Anti-Doping Code outlines what the Anti-Doping Agency stands for (and adheres to). Great to bookmark.

The Prohibited List (2020)


The Prohibited List outlines the drugs that bridge players are not to take at the table – of course, it also applies to other sports who adhere to the same code.

Bridge Base Online (BBO) 

Bridge Base Online Official Help


BBO has an official help section for users who still need a little help to find their way around the site. Most of the common questions are answered there.

Online Bridge Guidelines


Online bridge has guidelines, y’know. Some of the rules for online bridge can be found here, also at another official BBO resource that makes up part of the help section.

How to Play on BBO 


This section is the road-map on how to get around: Here’s how to start a game – although, this link doesn’t tell you how to win one, it’ll help you get to the online table.

BBO Prime Terms & Conditions


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