Quiz: Test Your Bridge Skills #5

Dear BBOers, you are welcome to try to solve these 4 bridge problems. You will win a score, ranging from 0 to 5 points for each question, and the final results after you complete the quiz.

1. What do you bid as South?

Question 1 of 4

2. What do you bid as South?

Question 2 of 4


*10-11 , game invite with ♦ support

You led the ♣4. Your partner followed with the ♣J and declarer won with the ♣A and played a Diamond to your ♦A. What next?

Question 3 of 4


*9+ (balancing) points, T/O dbl shape ** 6 cards ♦ *** opening hand, game invite

West led the 10. East overtook with the J and continued with the K, which you won with the A (W followed with the 6). Now what?

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