Tools for promos, marketing, special events

This is a list of utilities you can use to organize fun promos and contests for your players.

Please note that cash awards are not allowed. You can award BB$ prizes if you wish.

Tourney Combos

The link below can show combined scores for pairs who play multiple tournaments hosted by the same tournament host.

It will show:

Session 1 % | Session 2 % | … | Session x % | Average of Sessions 1, 2, … X

For pairs who play x sessions.

It also supports IMP scoring, where it shows:

Session 1 IMPs | Session 2 IMPs | … | Sum of Sessions 1, 2, …

This is the tool:

Supported parameters:

h=host name

The URL above displays tournaments hosted by ACBLTour in the past 5 days

Tick the tournaments you wish to combine, and you will obtain the combined score for pairs who have played all sessions you have selected:

Please note that multi-session tournaments are not supported at the moment.

This is simply a way to combine leaderboards of separate, independent tournaments. The organizer of the tournaments can email, or message the players with their overalls if they wish and award any additional prizes.

Best Results Leaderboards

The tool below countr BBO Points earned in games hosted by a particular organization and host.

Note that it needs both org code and host name to return results.


Best 3 results in FFB tournaments hosted by FFB3503071 from July 21 to July 28 (includes July 21, and excludes July 28, so it is 7 days):

The parameters are:

code=FFB (replace with your org code, the one you write in your tournament settings to issue points, set an entry fee or bypass free tourney limitations)

b=3 (top 3 scores matter. You can change it to top 10, or top 6, or any number you wish)

sd=YYYY-MM-DD (start date, inclusive)

ed=YYYY-MM-DD (end date, exclusive)

h=FFB3503071 (host of the tournaments)

n=10 (show top 10 players, max is 99)