Earn Double Points in the ACBL Stardust Week

Stardust Week in BBO Virtual Clubs

The ACBL Stardust Week gives you the chance to don your spacesuit and conquer gold points! It starts on Monday (Sept 21) and runs through to Sunday (Sept 27) in your BBO Virtual Club. You’ll earn double regular club Masterpoints and the points awarded will be ¼ gold and ¾ black.

You don’t need to register to take part, all you need to do is simply play in your usual Virtual Club game.

How to access your virtual club?

From the main menu: click on VIRTUAL CLUBS => ACBL North America and write the name of your club in the search box.

You’ll only be able to play if your club has set up a Virtual Club on BBO. If your club hasn’t set one up yet get in touch with your club manager and ask them to fill out this form.

Find out more about Stardust Week on the FAQ section of the ACBL website accessible here.

Hopefully you can take part and win gold!