Winners: Two Day Haunted House Survivor

One of the BBO Carnival’s numerous attractions this weekend was a ruthless, 50% cut, two day Haunted House Survivor, with Ghosts ‘n Ghouls thrown in for good measure.

Congratulations to the Two Day Haunted House Survivor winners, who survived the terror on Saturday, and went on to finish in the first places in the Sunday Finals! 

  • 1st place: simoria (84.98%)
  • 2nd place: jmunday (79.49%)
  • 3rd place: Marttim (78.10%)
    • 10 BB$ for 1st place
    • 5 BB$ for places 2 through 10

• 13,090 players registered to play on Saturday. Day 1 results here.
• 6,545 players qualified to play on Sunday. Final results here.