The Quick Club Game Preparation Checklist

Bridge is a game that can be played online and physically at a bridge club or kitchen table, and it’s one of the only sports that can say it transitions well from one form to the next.

During lockdown, thousands of bridge players survived the trying times by turning to online bridge as a means to cope. (This was certainly true in my case, and I imagine the same for many others out there.) 

With lockdowns lifting and regulations relaxing around the world as I write this, there is likely to be a return to bridge games played in clubs around a physical table within the next few days to weeks from this moment. Are you ready for it – and more-so, are the other players around the table? 

Here’s a quick club game preparation checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need (and a few extras) before heading to the game.

Sanitizing Stuff

We live in a time where bacteria and viruses have the ability to evolve – and sometimes at a faster rate than we can keep up. While it’s a scary future to think about, it’s a reality that people are still learning to deal with as it happens.

What does this mean for your bridge game? 

A more careful approach to health, sanitizing and immunity from the first step. 

If not, you’re risking your health – and the health of anyone physically close to you at your bridge club. 

Make sure that you have… 

  • Medical-Grade Disinfectant Solution
  • Ample Wet & Dry Wipes
  • Polyurethane Gloves (Disposable)
  • Masks (Disposable)
  • Chronic Medication 

This is the most bare-bones version of the list – and it does not include any other elements of a first-aid kit which you might need for your club.

Next, Bridge Stuff

I always like showing up to an event more prepared than I need to be. Murphy’s Law can’t catch you off-guard if you never let your guard down in the first place – and being from the world of live gigs where a cable can destroy an entire performance, it’s kind of just something you learn to do (or risk disaster).

Once you’ve packed all your sanitization stuff, it’s time for the bridge stuff. 

While this might sound over-prepared, always carry items that you might need but almost never do. (Someday, you’ll need it.) This includes things like extra decks, scoring sheets and things that the tournament director should be worried about – again, you never know when you need them.

Remember to pack extra card decks, extra bidding boxes, extra scoring sheets, extra pens , extra mobile power banks – and load your phone with any bridge apps that might be useful for scoring, playing or ruling. 

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