NEW: BBO Prime bidders challenge (open to all)

We’re delighted to introduce you to our new Prime feature, the “BBO Prime bidders challenge”!

What is it?

Every month, you’ll be able to take on a series of eight bidding problems. These problems will also be answered by our expert panel.

Once the Hand of the Month is published you’ll have a month to answer. You’ll be able to see how your bids compare with the combined wisdom of our experts if you’re a BBO Prime subscriber.

Every month, one winner will win a month’s subscription to BBO Prime and 50 BB$! And that’s not all… Each year, a winner will win 3 months of Prime and 200 BB$!! To top it off we’ll be picking one person at random who’ll win 3 months access to BBO Prime.

Monthly winners will also be invited to join the expert panel as guests in a future month.

Who has access?

Problems will be open to all and everyone will be able to enter the competition.

ONLY PRIME MEMBERS will be able to

  • read the comments of experts
  • participate in a live session about problems of the month with Marc Smith

If you’re not a prime member, you’ll still be able to win the challenge with the BB$ and prime subscription reward and of course to see who is the winner!

Want to become a prime member? Check out all the features and how to join here:

How can I submit my answer

You have until the 28th day of the month to send your answer to: