Online Tests (for Better Health)

Bridge players should always keep their health in mind just as much as their bidding aptitude.

While the internet is never the best place to go for a diagnosis, there are many legitimate health tests that can tell you whether or not you should be making a doctor’s appointment soon.

Common health conditions (like memory loss) affect many bridge players – and once you know that you’re at potential risk, you can do the right thing and often treat or manage the condition better with the knowledge.

Here’s a selection of online tests (for better health).

About These Tests

I’ve taken care to ensure that all of the tests mentioned in this post are:

  • From authoritative medical industry sources
  • Useful for assessing potential risk for these conditions

These tests are not meant to diagnose; they’re meant to assess risk factors. (For example, through responsible questionnaires and surveys.)

If you see signs on any of the below tests, see your doctor.

Don’t think about, don’t debate the topic. You don’t even have to tell anyone, if you don’t feel like it. Just see your doctor and check your health.

For Depression and Anxiety
Depression and anxiety-related disorders are extremely commonplace, yet the people who live with them often still feel like they can’t talk about the issue.

This useful self-test can help you to spot whether anxiety or depression is something to mention to your doctor.

Yes, it can be managed and treated, even when it doesn’t feel like it right now.

For General SightOptoplus
This test is the online equivalent of a sight-test. Simply, can you read the shown text – or do you have to strain your eyes to do it?

It’s true that a great deal of people with slightly impaired or degenerative sight might not notice small changes in their vision until they’ve done a proper eye test.

Even if you think that your sight is perfectly fine, do the test.

For Color BlindnessEyeQue
Color blindness is another common condition that many people don’t realize they have.

If you know someone who appears like they have trouble choosing ripe fruit or clothes in colors that make sense to everyone else, they might be color blind.

(Or, well, if people mention it around you, then that might be you.)

A simple test can establish your likelihood.

For General HearingWidex
As our ears get exposed to different stresses (and of course, as we move through life), our hearing can get affected.

Hearing loss is common. If regular misunderstandings describe your week, then you might be hard of hearing without noticing it.

This test checks your ears and higher frequency sounds.

Ideally, use headphones.

Arthritis is a serious condition with many different forms. It can affect the body in more way than you could think, and even headaches could be traced back to the inflammation arthritis causes.

Use the above Symptom Checker to establish whether it’s time for a doctor’s appointment.

Remember that childhood arthritis as well as younger-onset varieties of the condition are out there too.

For Memory Loss A. Vogel
Memory loss is a natural consequence of life or stress – but it can also indicate other conditions that require treatment or management.

If you suspect memory loss, try this simple test from A. Vogel in quiz format. When you’re done, you should have a much clearer idea of your risk.