Greeting Cards for Bridge Players

For bridge players who didn’t get any card decks in the mail recently, there are also many greeting cards out there with a quirky or interesting bridge angle that could also make for great gifts.

Here’s where to track down appropriate images, greeting cards and graphics with a bridge theme.

Shutterstock is one of the go-to websites for stock images and links. It’s where a lot of publications go to source their stuff – and with an account on the site, you can even buy some of the images that grab you as cards or prints.

Cartoonstock is a lot like Shutterstock, but meant for finding appropriate cartoons instead. Some are free-to-download, while others require compensation to the site and artist – especially for any commercially intended use.

Does anyone remember clip art? The good news is that there’s still a lot of clip art out there – and that you can click on the link above to go to one of the world’s largest sites for downloading clip art. Of course, there’s plenty out there that applies to bridge.

Erika Oller Cards (from Baron Barclay)
If you need something a little more specific for the bridge player in your life, then these greeting cards by Erika Oller might just do the trick. (Pun well intended.) They’re available from bridge retailer Baron Barclay, and you might even see something else you love while you’re clicking around.

Greeting Card Universe
Greeting Card Universe is one of the biggest websites for sourcing greeting cards – and I was delighted to find out that they had a section specifically for bridge-related greeting cards over here. Just click the link and be amused.

Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies
If none of the other options grab your attention yet, check out Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies for more cards with a bridge theme that just might grab you.

Pinterest is one of the largest image sharing social media websites out there. Click the link, and you’ll find thousands of contract bridge cartoons. Note that these images might be subject to copyright: check with each individual source if you would like to use a cartoon you found on Pinterest.

ClipArt Library
Are you really, really into ClipArt? Here’s another link from ClipArt Library with bridge-themed images that can be turned into appropriate greeting cards by creative bridge players. Their collection is currently home to 42 images.