Warding Off Bugs (for Club and Online Bridge)

Bugs love card decks almost as much as bridge players –  and whether you play the game online or at your local club with a physical deck, you might want to keep the amount of bugs to a minimum.

Do you have any trouble with bugs affecting your bridge game?

Here’s what to do – including tips on keeping bugs away from your card collection.

For Bugs and Physical Decks

Unfortunately, there’s a great assortment of bugs that might like to enjoy a card or two from your deck. Here’s how to keep bugs far, far away.

  • Incense: Sticks of incense (and burning incense itself) are great to keep around cupboards and drawers where you’d like to keep the standard selection of bugs away which might take an interest in your card decks.
  • Cedar Wood Boxes: Cedar and sandalwood are two natural bug-repellants. Storing playing cards in a box made from these woods can help to protect the cards from bug-related damage.
  • Moth Balls: While moth balls might seem over-the-top, it depends on what kind of bug infestation you might be dealing with.
  • Help Needed? Did you know that as long as fleas have access to a host, they can even frequent wood? Well, now you know: If you have a serious bug infestation threatening your cards, it might also be threatening your health (or the structure of your health). Depending on what you’re dealing with, where it’s severe, start with an expert.

For Online Play Bugs

Online play isn’t a completely flawless endeavor. Here’s what to do if things start acting weird at your online bridge game.

  • Browser Changes and Updates: Switch to a different browser or update your current one if you have sudden or persistent issues with going online – or staying online.
  • The Good Ol’ Restart: Restart your device where you aren’t sure what’s causing the issue. A startup can force everything to begin again – and not in a philosophical, weird sense but a literal, computing one that might fix the issue.
  • Reinstall or Update: Reinstalling and updating can fix most things that aren’t a hardware issue. If you’re having trouble with the app, make sure you’re using the most updated version – and if you’re having trouble with your device as a whole, start with an update and consider reinstalling if issues continue (or get worse).