Positive News Regarding the Popularity of Bridge

I love seeing good things happening in the game of bridge – and sometimes, I even go looking for it when my day needs a little brightening up.

After a particularly rough day was had for various reasons, I decided to go straight to the best positive news I could find regarding the popularity of bridge.

I used to hear  a lot of people say that the game is declining in popularity. Today, I hear a lot less of this around the table. Instead, I see more people coming together and talking, enjoying, really getting into the various forms of the game.

Are you wondering about the possible popularity of bridge?

Wonder no more.

Here’s some positive news about the popularity of bridge.

Why Online Bridge is Soaring in Popularity
Source: The Express – Date: July 26, 2020
Hey, do you remember when bridge games online got really big? Well, we’re still there. This article from The Express takes a closer look at why an increasing amount of people are moving towards online bridge – and why people are sticking with it.

Bridge Games Thrive Online Amid COVID-19 Precautions
Source: The AARPDate: July 25, 2020
We’ll probably all remember that 2020 was the weird year where everything was in something called “lockdown” – and here’s some positive news to counter all of the rough news we’ve seen, particularly in bridge.

Orlando North Bridge Club Grows in Popularity
Source: Orlando Sentinel – Date: September 5, 2017
Find some bridge club-specific news from Orlando North Bridge Club, where the game seemed to boom sometime in 2017.

Bridge Retains Popularity With All Ages
Source: Charlotte Observer – Date: December 8, 2014
From the Charlotte Observer, I found this great nugget of news that (well, again…) tells people that bridge is a game that can and should be played by people from all age groups.

How Bridge Became Cool
Source: The Independent – Date: November 28, 2006
The Independent ran this piece in 2006 – the year The Omen remake came out. While it mentions how bridge became cool, I’d argue that it never went out of fashion in the first place, it just got bigger.

Card Game’s Revival at High School Bridges the Generation Gap
Source: LA Times – Date: March 3, 1997
Bridge is a game that everyone can play – and here’s even a throwback dating to the year 1997 to prove it. (See? The myths about bridge-and-age have been around for way too long – and players have always been there to disprove it!)