ASMR & Bridge

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ASMR Playing Card Collection

It’s true for anything that you could type into Google relating to cats and pizza, but it turns out that this is also true for the topic of bridge.

I’ve seen a discussion or two about the phenomenon of ASMR and bridge. I’ve also immediately seen the need for a post somewhere on the internet discussing what ASMR is all about – and what it has to do with playing cards.

Here’s the deal on ASMR and bridge.

What’s ASMR?

The term ASMR is short for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”.

What it means, simply, is goosebumps.

It describes the brain’s response to certain forms of stimuli: usually, ones that provoke a physically pleasant response like goosebumps.

Not everyone responds to ASMR. (In fact, a great deal of the population doesn’t seem to show this response at all.)

But to people who respond well to them, ASMR-based sounds have a calming effect.

Check out some of the ASMR videos below.

Do you react to them (or not)?

Examples of ASMR

The idea of ASMR is a relatively new one, but since we’ve discovered it, people have taken to posting vast amounts of ASMR sound online.

Sounds like rain, walking on gravel, or scissors cutting are some general examples. These tend to be sounds the brain finds satisfying or reassuring.

Here’s an example of three hours of sound from the great world of YouTube.

Examples of ASMR and playing cards are also common.

Have you ever noticed that tickle at the back of your head when you hear the sound of cards shuffling?

That’s ASMR.

ASMR Playing Card Collection

Here’s a full hour of ASMR and playing cards, including the sound of cards shuffling.

No, you don’t have to listen to a full hour of it, but thanks to the internet, you can.

Top 5 Playing Cards & Tricks

Here’s a much shorter video from DidoASMR, the creator of the Playing Card Collection video above. Sounds and playing cards, what more could you want?

ASMR Playing Cards for Anxiety, Depression and Sleep

Here’s a collection of playing card sounds (and, I guess, noises) for anxiety, depression and sleep treatment. Related videos has even more.

ASMR Playing Solitaire

If your attraction to playing card sounds branches into specific card games, here’s one for Solitaire.

Now, what about bridge?