Can Bridge Players Hook Up For Their Health?

Can (and should) bridge players hook up for their health?

I’m not talking about their likelihood of getting laid at their local club, but instead about hooking up to the wealth of smartphone technology that’s available out there.

There’s a lot of smartphone technology that’s made with your health in mind.

Apps can monitor your heart rate, help you to work out your exercise schedule, and sometimes even correspond with your medical team to make staying healthier an easier task.

A few decades ago, it would have taken an entire room full of medical equipment to achieve the same basic statistics relating to your health. (And, it would have taken another room to store this information back then.)

Today, a device can analyze what you’re eating, when you should be eating it, and it can even tell you where to get it.

Here’s a look at why health apps could be an advantage for bridge players everywhere.

1: Health Apps Can Spot Warning Signs

Warning signs can exist months or years before the main signs or symptoms of a health condition shows up.

But these warning signs are often missed, or just ignored.

With the range of health apps available out there to monitor vitals (such as your heart rate or blood pressure), spotting them could be made a lot more accessible.

If you’ve been feeling anything different to your usual, it’s time to see your doctor. (And no arguments!)

2: Health Apps Can Counter Emergencies

There are many health apps that do more than just monitor vitals.

Apps can also act as a panic button that dials an emergency number and/or emergency contacts when necessary.

The nature of life itself is never knowing what’s next. Would you have a way to get help in the event of a serious emergency?

Apps are out there to help.

3: Health Apps Can Educate

Health apps also focus on education. Keep at least one first-aid app nearby for small (and not life-threatening) emergencies that just need a little help.

Need to know how to stop bleeding? How to immobilize a body part? Can you tell a stroke from a heart attack? What does POTS mean, and why does it cause some people to frequently faint?

You’ll find the answer in your nearest first-aid app. It goes without saying that it’s better to browse through the app before an emergency happens.

First-aid apps are something that no bridge player can be without.

4: Health Apps Can Calculate

Calculations are more important than you think when it comes to your health. Every single ingredient that enters into your diet can be quantified in numbers – even nutritionally.

Do you know how many kilojoules can be found in a cup of rice?

Few people do. That’s where apps are incredibly useful.

Advanced apps can even factor in things like your height, body weight, and needed nutritional intake.

5: Health Apps Can Improve Your Bridge

Being healthier means being able to think clearer.

An improper diet or undiagnosed health issue can slow down everything in your life, from your bridge game to your digestive health. All of it results in what’s called malaise in most medical fields – or a general feeling of “ugh”.

If you’re able to feel better while doing it, you’ll play better bridge, guaranteed.

And hey, you can even hook up to a pulse monitor to watch as it goes up as you count the aces in your hand.