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Should You Join A Bridge Club?

A lot of bridge players start their journey outside of bridge clubs.

All it takes is someone to show you a couple of things about bridge for the first time, and you’re either intrigued enough to take a look (or you’re hooked on the spot).

It can take a while longer after this before the beginning bridge player says, “Hey, I like this bridge thing. Should I join a club now?”

Here’s a look at why it’s a good idea to join your local bridge club as a player still new to the game.

1: Clubs Introduce Local Players

Bridge remains a social game, even if it’s true that not all bridge players would call themselves social butterflies.

If you’ve just discovered the game, it’s likely that you only happen to know a handful of people who play it.

The quickest way to get to know other bridge players in your area?

Call your local club.

Clubs can hook you up with a bridge partner (or opponent) in no time. They might even turn out to be lifelong friends.

2: Clubs Host Local Events

If you’re not doing anything on Friday night, how about going to the club?

While your date might be surprised that it’s a bridge club with minimal dancing involved, an invitation to your local club can make for a great night out.

Bridge clubs host a lot of local events and games. Invite a date, or show up alone. The good news is that either are just fine!

Get in touch with your local club to find out if they have open or members’ events.

3: Clubs Are Great Teachers

When you first start out playing bridge, it’s a lot like learning how to play guitar. Without a teacher, you might get stuck on a concept for weeks, or learn things in an order that makes things harder instead of easier.

Bridge clubs are more than just a way to get to know other players. Clubs can also introduce you to a selection of local bridge teachers to show you some new tricks.

If you aren’t sure how to approach specific moves or conventions, contact your local club. There’s a lot to be learned from your bridge club no matter what level you consider your playing to be at.

4: Clubs Are Online Too

Clubs aren’t just there for physical bridge games.

Many bridge clubs host both physical and online games for their members, and many of these games take place right here on Bridge Base. These days, there are even some bridge clubs that exist exclusively online.

If you’d like to know when (and where) these games are happening, speak to your club and find out!

5: Clubs Have Extra Resources

Clubs are there for a lot more than just a good bridge game every now and then.

They’re great places to find resources: if your club has a website, it’s likely that they also have a newsletter. Some clubs have lessons, articles, and more about the game. Always remember to check out the website for your club to find extra resources.