4 Tips for Better Touch Screen Bridge

Confirm Cards on BBO

Online bridge can be played several different ways.

Some bridge players are the most comfortable playing from behind their computer or laptop, but I know of thousands who prefer their bridge game from a smartphone or tablet instead.

Are you a touch screen bridge player?

It’s not just all about game strategy.

A lot of how well the game goes might have to do with how comfortable your smartphone handles.

Before you say anything, think about it like this: it’s the same as getting behind the wheel of a car. The road is the same, but the handling of a VW Golf will be worlds apart from driving the same path with a Porsche. (And not necessarily better.)

Here’s how to guarantee a more comfortable bridge game with your touch screen device.

1: Screen Protectors (Are Serious Business)

If you get a phone, get a screen protector.

Even though it seems like an obvious thing, it often falls into the category of “things I’ll do later” – and this can cut the life of your smartphone if you were to drop, scratch, or bump it.

Screens can pick up a lot of dust, which scratches it up over time and makes it work less great than you would expect.

Always (and always) start with a screen protector.

2: Sanitize Your Screen

Touch screens work better when they’re free of particles and any oils. Just like looking in a mirror, smudges can get in the way of what your phone is trying to interpret.

If your phone won’t click, clicks itself, or starts doing anything it shouldn’t, clean the screen first.

Simple alcohol wipes (and then thoroughly drying with fine tissue paper) works fine.

For some readers, clean them like you would prescription glasses. (And yes, the cloth that you get with your glasses can do the trick.)

3: Set Sensitivity

Always set the sensitivity for your touch screen by going to Settings.

A lot of people don’t know this setting exists. It can make a huge difference to how comfortable your phone handles overall.

Just how sensitive your phone is to touches and clicks is customizable. (If it doesn’t feel right while you’re playing bridge, check or clean the screen.)



4: BBO Click to Confirm

BBO has settings of its own that can make playing bridge via your touch screen device easier.

One of them is the Click to Confirm option.

When enabled, it takes a second confirmatory click to select a card or bid.

If you’ve had misclicks getting in the way of playing good bridge, then make sure the Click to Confirm setting is enabled.