4 Ways To Start Your Day With Bridge

How about bridge with your morning coffee?

I try to start every day with something that’s related to bridge.

While it might not be a full game first thing in the morning, I like setting the tone for the rest of the day with some bridge.

It keeps the mind active, and it’s a way of leading into the morning (and yes, it’s a way to make sure you’re really as awake as you might think you are).

If you don’t start your day with bridge, you should.

Here are 4 ways to start your day with bridge.

1: Shuffle The Deck

When waking up first thing in the morning, my hands don’t feel properly geared up for anything. It’s like a machine that’s run out of oil. It’s just how arthritis works – and I imagine that many bridge players struggle with the same symptoms.

Start the day by shuffling the deck.

It doesn’t have to lead to playing anything yet.

Just shuffle and get your hands ready for everything else.

2: Deal A Hand

Deal a hand of 13 cards first thing in the morning and just lay the cards out in front of you. (If you like, deal the rest: people have been playing single-player chess against themselves for years.)

Take the time to look at the hand throughout the day.

Count it, and count it again.

It’s one way to stay geared for bridge.

3: In Bridge Today

Bridge news happens to be a great way to start the day. I consider it just as essential as world news headlines.

Check the BBO forum, check newsletters, check your local club.

First thing in the morning, I love seeing what’s new.

4: Start With Puzzles

Coffee is great for waking up, but bridge puzzles are great for finding out if you’re awake yet.

For me, it usually happens as a natural progression from checking out the bridge news for the day. I’ll read a few things, then move towards a puzzle or two. Don’t worry if it takes a while to get used to bridge puzzles first thing in the morning. There’s always tomorrow.