Card Tricks Gone Bad

I love seeing card tricks done well.

But more than this, I sometimes love seeing card tricks go badly.

Card magic takes a lot of practice to get right. Even then, it doesn’t mean every card trick you do will be flawless.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve rehearsed it before that point, things just don’t work on that particular moment.

Usually, this happens while a lot of people are watching.

Here’s a selection of 6 card tricks gone badly.

1: Britain’s Got Talent

When magic tricks go well, you’ll notice that paramedics are present but not necessarily needed.

Magician Pontus Lindman needed some help when he appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2019.

The idea was a combination of card trick and escape act. It was supposed to be thrilling, but not quite in the way it happened.

The trick’s execution nearly ended with the magician’s actual execution.

2: Street Magician Does Trick That Goes Badly Wrong

Know that trick where the magician throws a card at a window and the card gets stuck behind it?

It’s an impressive feat, when done right.

Instead, the street magician in this video aims at a car window and proceeds to smash it instead.

If you’re wondering, he runs off immediately.

Could this have been staged?


Is it still hilarious?

Yes! And it was somehow funnier to California Dreamin’ playing on another tab as background music.

3: Messing Up Magic On Live TV

Mistakes don’t always happen, but when they do, you’ll be live.

Magician Chris Ramsay uploaded his own live TV fails to YouTube. It’s a longer video, at just under 15 minutes of viewing time, but also happens to be worth watching.

Hey, at least he can laugh at his own mistakes.

4: Reacting To Bad Magic

Here’s another video from Chris Ramsay reacting to bad magic by other magicians instead.

How bad?

You’ll have to view the above video to find out. (And yes, pretty bad, I can assure you…)

5: Smart Kid Catches Magician

The above video shows what happens when a magician gets his trick exposed.

Not by another magician or James Randi, but by a young participant who just happened to be too observant for this trick to work.

Tip: Don’t underestimate your audience (or this happens).

6: The Chris Pratt Epic Card Trick Fail

Chris Pratt is a great actor, but I think it’s fair to say that his magic tricks could use some practice.

Here’s a card trick gone wrong from his appearance on The Graham Norton Show. (Now practice and show us again!)