4 Reasons To Go With GIB

Does anyone remember when Deep Blue was the best it could get for board games played by artificial intelligence?

Let’s not brag about it too much, but today, Bridge Base Online has GIB.

GIB is short for either Ginsberg’s Intelligent Bridgeplayer, or Goren-in-a-Box. I guess it depends who you ask.

If you’re new to BBO, you’ll still get to know GIB.

He’s a permanent feature, a bit like the barkeep in The Shining. (Just less ominous.)

Here are 4 reasons why you should go with GIB.

1: GIB Is Always There

GIB is always there, day or night.

He’s playing a lot of bridge as it is, and he doesn’t give a damn what time it is when you’d like a game.

He can be hired to sit in for bridge games as an opponent (or partner). It doesn’t matter what time it might be, since GIB exists in a void.

Okay, fine, yeah. Like the barkeep in The Shining.

2: GIB Fills Empty Seats

Got an empty seat at a bridge game?

There are plenty of reasons why. Someone doesn’t show up, you don’t know another bridge player in the area, or it’s just a particularly strange time of day.

That’s what GIB is there for.

Players can count on GIB to fill up the tables.

3: GIB Doesn’t Judge

GIB doesn’t judge based on your playing.

Actually, GIB barely cares – and that’s what makes GIB one of the best ways to practice your game.

Bad move? Weird bid?

GIB doesn’t even blink. (And wouldn’t, even if he had eyes to do it with.)

4: GIB Is Good

Let’s not forget: GIB is good at bridge. He’s made to be.

He’s the ideal partner, or the ideal opponent. He adapts when necessary, and he keeps bridge players of every experience on their toes.

It’s just what he does best.