Aids for Bridge Mobility

There are enough things in my body that function painfully, partially, or not at all – and so, it’s enough to class as abled-differently to the completely healthy part of the population.

Gaming mouse and keyboard

Disability, different-ability, and mobility mean different things to different people. One goes through the same phases of denial, grief, and final acceptance (and you, right now, might be at any of the phases).

I don’t imagine there are enough resources for mobility and bridge out there just yet.

It starts with adding some. I’ve had moments where my life was saved by small things, done by many random people that I could never have enough time to thank.

Here’s what I’ve learned, and some aids for bridge mobility.

Screen Magnifiers (For Your Smartphone)

Screen Magnifiers can be ordered from most online retailers (and the very famous one that starts with the letter A).

For most, glasses are great for reading, but useless for seeing on your smartphone or tablet. Use a screen magnifier to make sure that you can see exactly which card (and not just which suit) you’re going to bid next.

External keyboards are also available for most smartphones. With these, just type the letter and number of your card into the chat window (“K4”) and send.

Screen Magnifier Software (For PC)

Screen magnifier software for PC is built-in automatically for most computers. Just search Magnifier to find it. Third-party magnifiers can also be downloaded from the internet, for free.

They’re the software version of a magnifying glass, and some advanced types can enlarge only a partial section of your screen, like your hand or the trick in the middle.

Smartphone Holders

Smartphone injuries are very real.

It places strain on the body to hold a smartphone in an awkward position. Do it for long enough, and your body is going to notice it. This might even worsen conditions that you already have.

Get a smartphone or tablet holder.

It’s convenient, but you’ll only realize how much once you have one.

Wrist & Elbow Guards

What most people know as tennis elbow is becoming more common. Desks, cars, and smartphones have a lot to do with why.

Guard against it with wrist and elbow guards.

I’ve spent a great deal of my life typing in awkward positions, and awkward situations. High-quality guards relieve a lot of the strain that you’ll build up over time.

Joint & Finger Splints

Arthritis and other conditions can eventually lend a specific curve to the fingers.

To slow down this progression, finger splints are often recommended by therapists to make sure the strain is reduced – and the eventual “curve” is less severe.

It’s like wrist and elbow guards for the fingers.

Believe me, they’re useful if you’re going to be pointing at smartphones (or your bridge partner).

Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

A regular laptop keyboard (and a cheap external) never feels quite right. It’s like the chair your grandmother used to keep for the people she didn’t want to stay long.

Gaming accessories are high-priced, yes. But they’re also high-quality.

I’ve typed far more than a million words, with a great deal of it ghostwritten. The average keyboard lasts four to six months before sticking like an old piano. Gaming keyboards are better.

Plus, they have extra buttons (which you can program for whatever functions you like), and some have lights that illuminate your keys (and will make every bridge game feel fancier).

Try it. You’ll convert.