7 Ways You Can Promote Bridge

The promotion of bridge isn’t something that should be seen as just a job for corporates, corporations, or big shot promoters.

Promoting the game (and lifestyle) of bridge is something that every bridge player does. Small actions like explaining bridge to someone new, sharing an article, or inviting a fresh face to your club are all things that push the game forward.

If you want to do a little bit for bridge, there are a couple of things you can do to contribute.

Here are 7 simple ways you can promote bridge.

1: Subscribe To Something

Subscribe to a bridge newsletter, bridge magazine, or favourite bridge influencer’s social media channel today.

If you enjoy their content, show it.

It helps to tell them they should continue creating more. Usually, you’re also helping to boost their overall reach by adding to their virtual influence scope.

2: View A Video (& Pay For It)

There are thousands of free bridge videos on the internet.

To match, there are just as many paid lessons (and pay-per-view bridge documentaries to stream) that take effort to put out there.

When you view something and pay for it, you’re supporting bridge content creation in real-time.

That’s how we get to see more great bridge productions in future.

3: Share Bridge News

Almost all the bridge players I know take a regular look at bridge publications, forums, and websites for their weekly (or daily) scoop on news.

Share it.

That’s all.

Just a simple sharing-click to your social media channels is enough to teach someone about bridge today.

As a bonus, it also helps to support great blogs and journalism.

4: Invite A Friend (To BBO)

If you are a bridge player with friends who aren’t a part of the BBO crowd just yet, introduce them. It’s practically your given quest.

Bridge is great. Invite even the friends you would never expect could enjoy it – and they very well might very much.

It’s also possible to purchase a subscription on behalf of another player. If they’re already bridge players, I’d almost guarantee they’ll love you for it (or at the very least, like you more!).

5: Support An ACBL Cause

The ACBL Educational (and separately, Charitable) Foundations track bridge-for-charity under the ACBL.

Donations, grants, and charity games are done with their help. If you would like to donate in the form of money that goes in the direction of bridge, contact the ACBL foundations and ask.

They do a lot to further the game, and you can help if you are in a position to.

6: Tell Someone About Bridge

I’ve mentioned bridge and BBO to many people who didn’t know what they were when I did. After an explanation, I can only hope they checked it out for themselves.

It helps to talk, and it helps to talk about bridge.

7: Volunteer Your Services

If you have a specific area of bridge expertise, put it to use.

Volunteer your services to your local club, or find a bridge organization or charity event that could use your help.

It’s as simple as that.

When you help, it helps.