Essential Bookmarks For Every Bridge Player

There appear to be two different types of web browser users: There are those who over-fill their bookmarks tab to the brim, and those who barely make use of it.

Which are you?

Within most browsers, CTRL + B is the appropriate shortcut to open your Bookmarks menu.

There are more shortcuts, like CTRL + N for a new window, or CTRL + T for a new tab. As an added piece of advice, learn your browser shortcuts! It makes life easier, even though they feel tedious to learn the first time.

From there, create a folder for Bridge. Stash all your important bridge sites right here, especially the ones that you check often. With the right bookmarks set out, you’ll never be away from your favourite bridge places.

Here are some essential bookmarks for every bridge player.

ACBL Learn: How To Play Bridge

New? Here’s a direct link to the first step to learning how to play – and play well. The ACBL has an almost unending pot of golden bridge resources for every skill level of card player out there. Start here as a newcomer to the game, and enjoy it!

ACBL Login

While not every bridge player is a member, many BBO users share a membership with the ACBL. If you are one of them, have the direct link to the ACBL Login page (and from there, MyACBL) right at the top of your Bookmarks.

Bridge Base Online (BBO)

Bridge Base Online is where you are right now, more or less. Bookmark the home page to ensure that you’re never far away from your favourite place to play bridge.

BBO Vugraph Archives

The BBO Vugraph Archives, much like the pensievein Professor Dumbledore’s office, is where you’ll find viewings of things that have happened. Previous games are listed over here.

The BBO Forums

Bridge Base Online has a forum, too. Bookmark it! It’s an excellent place to discuss bridge, or to lurk around discussions about the game until you have learned something new. Find the general Water Cooler (and more specific bridge topics) here.

BBO Tutorials

The American Contract Bridge League hosts some really useful tutorials for how to do what when you’re on BBO. Find out how to create a table and more with accompanying videos to walk new players through the process. See the tutorials here.

The WBF Laws Of Duplicate Bridge

If you find yourself arguing with anyone over the rules of the game, stop right there. Head over to a link that gives some official clarity on the matter (and you might well avoid what could have been a potential crime scene in the making). The official WBF Laws Of Duplicate Bridge are thus available at the link, in PDF.