7 Of The Greatest Books In Bridge Fiction

Contract bridge and fiction match together as well as the best bridge partnerships in the world. If you are a bridge player, I’m almost sure that you also happen to read fiction from time to time – or in some cases, to obsession – and that bridge fiction might tickle your fancy.

Fiction is available in many forms, including short stories, epic poems, cartoons, collections, and collections of cartoons. There’s also the good old novel, or the shortened novella.

If you love the idea of bridge fiction and have no idea where to begin (or go from what you’ve already read), keep reading.

Here’s a useful list of 7 of the greatest books in bridge fiction.

1: Your Deal, Mr Bond

Phillip & Robert King

Your Deal, Mr Bond is a collection of short stories that includes the one which the book is named for.

To be more specific, the named short story expands on the James Bond legend with the addition of a real-life bridge player (which you might all know as Zia Mahmood).

The rest of the book is just as much of a thrill, and always comes highly recommended from me to any player.

2: Samurai Bridge

Robert F Mackinnon

If you love stories of ancient Japan (or just got stuck on the second season of Heroes for a long time), then I guarantee you’ll take to Samurai Bridge from the copyright page to the last.

It’s more than just good.

Samurai Bridge is filled with enough theory to be intriguing, but not enough to be terrifying. That’s just how I prefer my fiction most of the time.

How about you?

3: Bridge In The Menagerie

Victor Mollo

Bridge In The Menagerie is a theory-and-story blend that introduces characters unforgettable to every bridge player who has read about them.

From stories published in Bridge Magazine, find out what bridge players are talking about with the mention of – for just one example – Rueful Rabbit.

It’s just the right amount of theory, with just the right blend of fiction.

4: The Cardturner

Louis Sachar

The Cardturner is for anyone who appreciates fiction that uses its inked space to inspire the reader.

While the heartwarming type of tale isn’t everyone’s deck of cards, Sachar’s Cardtuner novel is recommended to anyone who likes having their heartstrings tugged on (or, well, warmed up).

5: Bridge Mix

Paul Holtham

There’s no way to describe what you’ll find in bridge mix except the very appropriate tagline of the book.

As it says, “Chocolate Coated Contracts (And Plenty Of Nuts)”.

That’s what you can expect, with a unique mixture of fiction for almost all ages (and theory for any skill level).

6: Murder At The Bridge Table

Matthew Granovetter

Murder At The Bridge Table is the book to read if you are into procedural fiction, and anything set during New York nights. Throw together murder, mystery, bridge, and the graveyard shift – and this is what you would get.

The book description lists it as both a mystery “and a bridge textbook” that takes place in Manhattan, NY.

For readers who want more after this title, “I Shot My Bridge Partner” from the same author shares the setting.

7: The Great Bridge Conspiracy

Terry Quinn

The Great Bridge Conspiracy is based on stories that have been published throughout Games Magazine. I imagine that there are some readers who might already know the series, and many who may not.

Written by Terry Quinn, lovers of short bridge fiction can jump right into this one. Pick any page you like. You’re going to love it.