Cool News Segments About Bridge

Hey, look, it’s bridge in the news!

I would say that I’m a pretty regular news kibitzer. While I’m not always an active participant in the events that happen, I’m happy to watch reports about it from the sidelines – and often make this what I do at least a few hours per week.

I like seeing good news, and I especially like seeing exceptionally good bridge news.

Speaking of that exact topic, dear bridge player… Let’s take a brief trip through memory lane, but with video.

Here are 5 cool news segments about bridge.

1: For These Women, Bridge Club Is More Than Just A Game

I like this short little news bit from WGN News. It captures the overall atmosphere of your average bridge tournament well – and just from watching it, even visitors from another planet would be interested in knowing more about bridge.

It’s the headline that I had trouble taking in.

Most bridge players would say their bridge club is “more than just a game”.

Should I guess the headline was written by someone who doesn’t play?

2: For Card Loving Bridge Players, Attracting Youth Is Ultimate Puzzle

Aired in 2017 on CBC News, this segment covered an NABC tournament of the time.

It’s another video that I love for the atmosphere which it managed to capture, but love a little less for the headline.

Even by statistics as measured in 2017, bridge was already an increasingly younger player’s game.

If you really believe that “attracting youth” is the “ultimate puzzle”, it’s likely that we have another headline that was not written by a bridge player.

3: Warren Buffett’s Hobby: Online Bridge

As far as hobbies might go, I’m sure that everyone here could agree that online bridge is a good one to have. Here’s a short piece from CNN Business about one of the greatest business-people of our time.

Don’t agree?

Well, let me know when Bezos picks up bridge as a pastime.

4: Experiencing The ACBL Museum

I have loved being in and around museums ever since I was much, much younger. There’s something about the atmosphere, the feel, the movement, and all the history attached to the average museum that I love.

Thanks to the internet, I’ve had the privilege of visiting many museums through virtual tours.

The ACBL Museum (with a special focus on bridge and how it got here) happens to be one of them.

If you would like to make a virtual visit to the museum of bridge yourself, just view the segment (or for those passing by, show up and take pictures!).


Here’s another wonderful, short news segment that portrays that atmosphere you’ll only see at a busy bridge tournament. It’s much like the rhythm of a beehive, but with card decks involved .

If you’ve never been to one yourself (or you’d like to attend a tournament), rest assured that online tournaments are just as high-energy