Great Drinks For Bridge Games

There are very few bridge players who would wrestle their way through a game or tournament without the need to hydrate.

Online and face-to-face bridge should always be approached with a break for drinks (or at the right clubs, with a drink to the side). It’s the healthy way to do it, and the drinks you choose can affect your performance.

Athletes rely on spring water, electrolyte-high drinks, special shakes, and specific mixes of fruit juices to hydrate.

Smart bridge players should learn to do the same. After all, it’s still a form of mental excersion– and when you are being pushed to your limits, you should be running on the best fuel.

Don’t underestimate the value of your drink choice during bridge. Are you making the right choice for a better game – or is your choice of drink making your bridge play just that little bit worse?

Here’s a look at the best drinks for bridge, and which ones you should avoid at the table.

Great Drinks For Bridge (& Why)

1. Water

Water is hydrating, and that gives it the number one spot on lists of things you should drink. It’s even more true when you’re planning to play bridge in a warm, tense environment where you might dehydrate quicker. Simply, just remember to pack a few bottles of water for the next game.

2. Hot (Or Cold) Chocolate

Chocolate is a healthier compound than most imagine. It’s an anti-oxidant, and it has many other powerful qualities (such as increasing blood flow and the brain’s happier chemicals). If you need to relax, hydrate, and up your nutritional intake in one drink, it’s a surprisingly good option.

3. Coffee

Coffee in all its different forms has benefits, but also drawbacks. Drink a coffee of your choosing before the game, and you will be instantaneously more alert. But if you drank ten, you’ll be edgy, nervous, and not a better player for it.

4. Various Fruit Juices

Juice has a high vitamin and nutritional content, which helps any active bridge player out in their time of need. Certain types of juices are better than others – and players should beware of berry-based juices, which are a diuretic that almost guarantees you’ll need to get up for a bathroom break before your game ends.

5. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea is best made with a base containing fat, such as milk or milk replacements. With water just doesn’t cut it – and, well, might not taste as great either. Drink it before bridge for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which guarantee your joints will feel better by the time you’re done.

6. Green Tea

While on the topic of tea, there’s one more worth mentioning that can be a powerful anti-inflammatory compound to add before a bridge game. Green tea isn’t everyone’s personal taste (but with an increased amount of milk and sugar or honey, I find it tolerable).

Green tea has been a reliable health drink for as long as civilization. Give it a try, and see what it does to your game.