Great essays about bridge

When I say that I love reading about bridge, I’m not just talking about bridge books, articles, or lessons about bridge theory. It’s important to read everything that you can find about the game if you want to be a better, more serious player or enthusiast.

Essays often hit the spot.

An essay explores a specific topic, usually (though not always) from the perspective or memory of the writer. An essay about bridge contains more than just theory – but the thoughts, opinions, and memories of the author behind it.

Want to do some bridge reading with a difference?

Here are some great essays about bridge.

My journey in bridge (Michael Xu)

If you need some inspiration to remember why you enjoy bridge in the first place, have a read through this piece by youth player Michael Xu. “My Journey In Bridge” describes how he discovered the game, and just why he continues to play it.

Refreshing, written well, and most certainly inspirational.

What makes for a good bridge partner? (Bill Gates)

Bridge is a partnership game, and not al bridge partnerships end up being a perfect match. If you want to know how to choose the best bridge partner to match up with your style, take some advice from entrepreneur and bridge celebrity Bill Gates

When choosing a long-term bridge partner, heed his wise advice on choosing well.

The cheating problem in professional bridge (The New Yorker)

The problem of the cheat is a big one in competitive, professional bridge – and it can lead to not only embarrassment for team members, but also massive losses for sponsors and the bridge industry.

This essay for the New Yorker explored the cheating problem in-depth, back in the year 2016. While some things might have changed between then and now, the core of the piece is the same: nobody in bridge likes to see a cheat at the tables.

The growth of contract bridge (Vanity Fair)

This piece comes from the online archives of Vanity Fair – and dates way back to 1921.

Contact bridge experienced a unique boom during this era, much like we’re seeing electronic forms of the game boom today.

News coverage of the time in essay form “The Growth of Contract Bridge” (as is the typical Vanity Fair style even today), gives a unique perspective of what bridge back then was like.

Why I Play Bridge

Why I Play Bridge” is from the home page of Michael Arnowitt.

The essay is especially interesting because it writes about the game from the perspective of a concert pianist. Music and cards are two very closely related skills, and it was excellent to notice that there are others out there who share the same interests.

Why Wall Street Plays Bridge (Business Insider)

Why Wall Street Plays Bridge” is a piece from Business Insider with a broader perspective than the other essays on this list. Instead of an individual player’s opinion, It explores why the game remains popular with people whose careers edge into financial sectors and other industries.