Depressed or anxious? Find resources here

Depression is a worldwide problem, and it’s a condition which is often seen in influencers, artists, and card players.

But does it get talked about often enough?

Undiagnosed, undiscussed depression leads to larger problems, a heavier burden, and potential for the condition to snowball. Many players reading this might deal with its symptoms, or suspect that another player does.

Gaming enthusiast Wil Wheaton has spoken out about living with anxiety and chronic depression for an essay published in Medium.

It’s a helpful perspective, and more players should be talking about depression and anxiety.

Here’s what to search for as potential symptoms of anxiety or depression (and first, where to find practical resources for depression & mental health help right now).

Resources for depression & mental health

Especially within the world of mind-sports and tabletop games, depression and mental health should be focused on more.

Do you live with depression, anxiety, or suspect you know a player who does?

Here’s where to find useful international mental health resources and helplines right now when you need them.

For potential emergencies, never waste valuable time. Contact emergency services for the relevant area immediately.

  • Postpartum International

Spotting the symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression can include bouts of disinterest, sadness, melancholy, or apathy. Anxiety can exist as a separate condition, or as one that forms part of another.

While there are various forms of depression, the general symptoms cross over through the different types. Onset might be sudden, or could occur from a young age.

But here’s the thing about depression: All too often, people are good at hiding their symptoms.

If you suspect depression or anxiety (or recognize symptoms yourself), speak about it and seek help.

Awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of depression and anxiety helps.