3 Reasons to love cheap card decks

I’ve had a lifetime of love shared for playing cards and guitars.

Guitars and decks can be seen as objects of power, especially when they’re held by people who know what they’re doing. Page and a Les Paul, or Mahmood and a playing card deck. The spectator knows to expect something special next.

The thought brought me to realize that players can be just as particular about their decks and their guitars. Every guitar player has an ideal model – whether that’s a Fender Stratocaster, or something else. Card players often opt for Bicycle… That’s because they’re known as one of the best.

But what about the cheaper ones, that are just enough to get the job done?

Amongst guitars, brands like SX or Tokai hold their weight. These brands are often cheaper than what players would call “name brands”, but they are more readily available.

Thousands of players might own a more expensive Fender, Gibson, or Martin. But they still choose cheaper guitars for regular playing or practice. Certain players take to inexpensive brands for modification or experimentation.

This week I wondered… What if card decks are the same?

Cheaper card decks have their place. I always keep a few around.

Whenever it’s time for quick practice or things you don’t want to pull out the more expensive playing cards for it, cheaper decks work great.

Here are just some of the reasons why cheaper card decks make a great accompaniment to the bridge player’s kit.

1. (Some) card tricks

Enthusiasts of card decks everywhere will eventually spot a card trick that looks great, but has a catch. Some card tricks require modification or destruction of a specific card to work.

Do you want to crack open a brand new Bicycle deck for this? Most players would say that they don’t.

Get a couple of cheaper card decks and your problem is solved. Cheaper decks can be bought in bulk (just like Bicycle), and are pretty much ready for anything.

2. Impromptu deck gifts

There’s always an appropriate time in the day for a playing card deck.

If you spend a lot of time going places and meeting people, make sure that you always have a spare card deck with you. Decks make great gifts, and you might just be changing someone’s life by handing them their deck.

Impromptu gifts are great. Depending on how many of them you give out each calendar year, carry cheaper playing card decks.

3. Shuffling practice

Experts and novices will agree that higher-priced decks are an almost effortless shuffle. Done by hand, they will deal better.

Practice requires time spent making mistakes. While you’re getting to shuffling better, cards will get worn, bent, caught, and probably dropped. The same applies to learning card tricks or shuffling.

How much do you want to beat up your Bicycle decks?

The majority of players would prefer not to.

That’s what cheaper card decks are great for.

Have you developed a love for cheaper card decks, or are you only imagining what uses they could be good for now?