Your BBO Prime bidders challenge

We’re delighted to introduce you to this Prime feature, the “BBO Prime bidders challenge”!

What is it?

Every month, you’ll be able to take on a series of eight bidding problems. These problems will also be answered by our expert panel.

Once the Hand of the Month is published you’ll have a month to answer. You’ll be able to see how your bids compare with the combined wisdom of our experts if you’re a BBO Prime subscriber.

Every month, one winner will win a month’s subscription to BBO Prime and $50BB! And that’s not all… Each year, a winner will win 3 months of Prime and 200BB$!! To top it off we’ll be picking one person at random who’ll win 3 months access to BBO Prime.

Monthly winners will also be invited to join the expert panel as guests in a future month.

Hands of the month

You want to take part in the competition?

Go on this page to see the 8 problems of the month:

Then, don’t forget to send your 8 answers to before the 28th of each month to enter the competition.

Want to see the archives? Go there:

Winners and experts’ comments

Who is the winner of the last month? Click on this link:

To see expert’s comments, click on this one: