Every Weekend: Free Survivor!

diana_eva's pet, Nina

Earlier this month we launched what will become a regular feature on BBO: the Free Weekend Survivor. Free, fun, open to all, this skill based tournament will challenge you every weekend. The savage cut on Day 1 makes it a feat to qualify for Day 2! 

This is a 2-day survivor tournament. 

• Day 1 (Saturday): Anyone can join. 8 Boards, Just Declare (no bidding), MP scoring. Top 25% finishers qualify for Sunday .
• Day 2 (Sunday): Restricted to players who qualified on Saturday. 12 Boards, MP scoring.

How to join?
Click COMPETITIVE, then Free Tournaments and look for the Free Weekend Survivor tournament hosted by BBO. This is a daylong style tourney. You can join, play, leave, resume any time during the day. Anyone can join on the first day (Saturday). On Sunday, only players who qualified on Saturday will be able to play.

And remember, if you reached your weekly free limit — no problem. Come over to the new version of BBO where limits are off. 

Good luck and have fun!