Macaw moves to the Olympic Peninsula

Macaw, aka Karen Owens, is the friendly person behind the official ACBL and Accounting usernames on BBO. What most people do not know, though, is that Karen and her husband Dan (BBOer MTN) are passionately in love with the mountains and living in the middle of nowhere.

From Alaska to the Rocky Mountains, to the Olympic Peninsula, the Owens family have lived since forever next to bears, deer, marmots, birds and other critters, growing their own veggies and fruits, looking after their pets and enjoying nature. Just like living in New York City.

Their latest adventure had them moving from the Eastern Washington area to the Olympic Peninsula, pets and all, and starting yet another home-redecorating project. Karen fell in love with the place some years ago, and the couple decided that it was time to move a bit closer to civilization. This was their compromise.

The Olympic National Park is a unique and totally beautiful place to visit. It features glaciers, alpine and sub-alpine climate zones in the upper mountains. Temperate rain forests in the low areas, and 70 miles of wild undeveloped coastline, the only wild coastline left on the West Coast along the Pacific Ocean.

A favorite place to visit for Karen and Dan, along with the other 3.8 million annual visitors to the park, is Hurricane Ridge, located at the top of the Olympic Mountains and the trail head for multiple hikes, short or long depending on how good your knees are and how well you do at high altitude. It’s almost enough to just drive up there to breathe the air, a heady mixture of conifers and wild flowers mixed with fresh air coming across from the ocean and across ice fields. They don’t call it Hurricane Ridge for nothing.

Then you can drive back down the mountains and out onto a spit and enjoy ocean birds and marine mammals, like seals and the occasional whale, or just sit on a rock and watch waves roll in.

Here are some photos from our valiant yellows’ adventurous life.