BBO upgraded! Version 5.1.6 is here

The html version of BBO has just been updated.

What’s new:

  • Group Challenge: you can challenge up to 4 friends at once. Click the Challenges button to give it a try
  • Improvements to table layout and play of cards animation
  • Added a Refresh button in list of table results and other lists
  • Clicking a profile picture shows the full size version of the photo where available
  • Moved the Other tables button in History from the bottom to the top, similar to how the older flash version has it
  • Fixed a series of Firefox bugs
  • Many other small improvements and bug fixes

Visit and click Login/Register to give it a try. And remember, you can use your favorite device to log in – the html version is compatible with mobile devices too.

As always, you can reach us at with comments, suggestions, bug reports.